WATCH: Suicide Bomber Is Shot Then Detonates Self at Istanbul Ataturk Airport

A security camera at Istanbul Ataturk Airport captured the moment a wounded suicide bomber detonated himself as people ran. Watch the CCTV footage above. The attack comes a day after ISIS released a video celebrating its “two year anniversary.”

NBC reports that “authorities and witnesses said terrorists opened fire at the entrance of the international arrivals area at Ataturk International Airport before explosives were detonated” Tuesday night.

The New York Times reports that at least 41 people were killed and 147 more were injured in the attack carried out by three suicide bombers.

No one has claimed ownership of the attacks, but Ritza Katz, owner of SITE Intelligence Group, reports that Turkish media has drawn similarities between the attack and Brussels, suggesting it was done by or in the name of the Islamic State. The Turkish government has blamed ISIS.

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