WATCH: Angel Colon Describes the Details of the Orlando Shooting

Angel Colon, a survivor of Omar Mateen’s deplorable mass shooting that killed 49 people and injured many more at Pulse, bravely shared details of the shooting at a press conference from his hospital.

Colon, who was at the nightclub in celebration of Pride Week, said that prior to the shooting, “It was a great night. No drama, just smiles and laughter.”

Colon was shot three times in his leg. Unable to walk, his leg was trampled in the ensuing chaos of trying to escape Mateen. His depiction is gruesome, describing Mateen as “shooting everyone that’s already dead on the floor, making sure…”

In addition, Colon brings up the heroic police officer who dragged him out and got him to an ambulance in time, and thanks the workers of the hospital profusely for all their hard work. The full video of Colon’s press conference can be viewed above.

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