Zatiti Moody: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Zatiti Moody, Fetty Wap

Zatiti Moody (Facebook)

Zatiti Moody, a principal of operations at Eastside High School in New Jersey, has been placed on paid administrative leave after a Fetty Wap video was recorded on school grounds, reported. The video includes drug references and features a pole dancer.

Fetty Wap attended Eastside High School but dropped out. Coincidentally, Moody also attended the school in his youth and was cast as an extra in the movie Lean on Me during filming at the school. The acclaimed movie is about Moody’s alma mater and its contentious former principal, Joe Clark.

Here is what you need to know:

1. He Was Placed on Paid Adminstrative Leave After Fetty Wap Shot a Racy Video at the School

Zatiti Moody

Zatiti Moody (far right) is pictured on stage at Eastside High School (Facebook)

Zatiti Moody, principal of Eastside High School, was placed on a paid administrative leave following a controversial video by Fetty Wap that was recorded at the school. Fetty Wap’s songs usually include racy and rebellious content, and the video’s song “Wake Up” is no exception. The fact that it was allowed to be filmed at the school is another story.

Terry Corallo, a Paterson school district spokesperson, told the district is looking into whether procedures were followed. “As there are procedures that must be followed in securing the use of our facilities, whether all procedures were followed is in question and being investigated and will be addressed as a personnel matter. The district does not endorse the content of this video,” Carallo said.

TMZ reported that Fetty Wap had the necessary approvals, however, it is not yet publicly known who actually gave the go-ahead to shoot the video at the school.

2. The Video Features Drug References & a Pole Dancer

Fetty Wap – Wake Up [Official Video]CLEAN ►iTunes: ►Apple Music: ►Spotify: Stream "Bruce Wayne" the mixtape OUT NOW: ►Website: ►Instagram: ►Twitter: ►Facebook: — Directed by Alan Del Rio Ortiz2016-05-27T14:05:12.000Z

The “Wake Up” video features a risque pole dancer, a woman using an apple as a bong, marijuana leaves and other drug references in the classroom. Throughout the video there are banners that read, “Go Team Kush,” referencing a strain of pot. Part of the lyrics include:

When you wake up in the mornin’, ayy Mom’s yellin’ in your room
Like can I get 5 more minutes?
Shit, I ain’t really trippin’ over school
Let’s get Wiz Khalifa high and
Get meditated over medicated
Get Wiz Khalifa high and
Throw your caps in the air like you know you made it, ayy

3. Fetty Wap Dropped Out of the School & Is Defending His Actions

Fetty Wap, East Side High School, Zatiti Moody

Fetty Wap (Getty)

Fetty Wap attended Eastside High School but later dropped out. He defends the video, and said “Wake Up” is not about drug use, but rather a “symbolic reference to getting high off success and finding your path after graduation,” a source close to the rapper told TMZ. The source said the song is about what kids have to deal with these days, and to “start a conversation about how to change things.”

4. Zatiti Was Paid to be an Extra in Lean on Me as a Student at the Same School



Perhaps Zatiti thought it was ok to record “Wake Up” since he was also once part of a film that took place at Eastside High School. Zatiti was cast as an extra in the 1989 movie Lean on Me, and paid $50 per day for his role, reported

Lean on Me centers around former Eastside High School principal Joe Louis Clark, played by Morgan Freeman, whose school was at risk of being taken over by the government unless student’s test scores improved.

5. He Has Been With Eastside High School Since 2009

Eastside High School (Facebook)

Eastside High School (Facebook)

In 2009, Zatiti began his career at Eastside High School as a co-principal, according to The following year he was promoted to principal of operations, the same title that he holds today. Zatiti graduated from the school in 1993, and was ranked #7 in a class of over 350 students. He attended college at the University of Pittsburgh, where he not only played a defensive end on the school’s football team, but he also graduated with a GPA of 3.8. states:

In addition to his meaningful work and contributions to the Paterson Public School system, Mr. Moody finds the time and energy to dedicate to various progressive community based organizations such as; Vice President of the B.R.O.T.H.E.R.S. of Paterson (Brothers Reaching Out To Help Everyone Rebuild Self), member of the BAND (Ban Against Neighborhood Destruction), former mentor of the Youth Advocate Program (YAP), former member of the Paterson Mayor’s Task Force, former Consultant for the School Based Youth Services Program, member of Black Men Talking (BMT), and Board Member for both the Mural Arts Program (Halls That Inspire) as well as the City of Paterson’s Youth Services Bureau program (Total Lifestyle and Support Program).

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