Donald Trump Vice President Possibilities: 5 Potential Running Mates

We are mere days away from finding out who Donald Trump will nominate for vice president. We had previously heard that his selection would not emerge until the Republican National Convention, but CNN is now reporting that his VP is expected to be announced next week. So who could it be? By taking a look at prediction markets, as measured by Predictwise, we can get some idea. Since last week, as more and more information has emerged, the list of potential VPs has changed significantly. Jeff Sessions, who was previously the #1 most likely choice for several weeks in a row, has completely dropped off the list, as has Ohio Governor John Kasich. We now have a new favorite, and three candidates are tied for second place. Here are who the prediction markets are currently favoring for Donald Trump's vice president. (Getty)




The Drudge Reports poll isn’t accurate as many people like me didn’t even know about it. My four favorites are: Lt. Col. Allen West, Ben Carson, Jan Brewer, Lt. General Flynn

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