Shirley Husar: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Shirley Husar GOP Convention

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A California Republican delegate caused a stir when she proudly nominated Donald Trump as the GOP nominee at the convention in Cleveland. In giving all over California’s 172 delegate votes to Trump, Shirley Husar announced that his ascent to the White House was the only thing that would give real opportunities to her three sons. Husar was flanked by her boys and after she gave her votes in, the family led the convention in a “We Want Trump” chant.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. She Was Made a Member of California’s Board of Geologists & Geophysicists by Arnold Schwarzenegger

Shirley Husar Facebook page


Husar has a profile at the website Great Black Speakers. On it, she lists her qualifications which includes being a board member of California’s Board of Geologists and Geophysicists. She was nominated to that role by former Goveror Arnold Schwarzenegger. Husar also says that she was last a delegate for the Republican party at the 2004 convention.

On her official website, Husar describes herself as:

A well-rounded and accomplished woman that has the ability to work hands-on with teammates and be decisive, yet flexible enough to adapt when necessary in order to achieve the bottom-line objective.

She is talented, driven, and energetic – the right type of native Californian to help California become a better state under inspiring new leadership.

In the past, Husar has worked on the campaigns for California Republicans such as Pete Knight and George C. Runner Jr.

2. Husar Wrote an Article Once Titled, ‘Cliven Bundy Wants Blacks to Pick Cotton? Maybe He’s Right’

Up until 2014, Husar worked as a columnist for the politically conservative Washington Times. During her time there, she wrote articles with titles such as, “Cliven Bundy wants blacks to pick cotton? Maybe he’s right” and “Reagan is dead, let him rest in peace.” According to her LinkedIn page, Husar began working for the Washington Times in December 2011.

Husar also says that she is the CEO and founder of which is described as a “go to spot when it comes to stories around the world.”

3. Husar Believes Black Lives Matter Does More Harm Than Good

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4. In Addition to Her Political Work, Husar Works as a Real Estate Agent

Shirley Husar Stephen COlbert

Husar pictured with Stephen Colbert at the convention. (Facebook)

5. Members of the California Delegation Had Earlier Been Struck Down With Norovirus

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