Jamaal Lewis & Daqon Sipple: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Captain Robert Melton. (Kansas City Police)

Authorities are charging two men, Jamaal R. Lewis, 20, and Daqon Sipple, 18, in their connection with shooting and killing Kansas City Police Captain Robert “Dave” Melton on Tuesday.

Lewis is facing capital murder charges and is being held on a $10 million bond. His allegations carry the death penalty, or life in prison, if convicted. Sipple is charged aggravated assault of a law enforcement officer and use of a deadly weapon, and criminal discharge of a weapon in an unoccupied dwelling.

Police said neither Lewis nor Sipple have a significant criminal history, according to Fox4KC. The Kansas City Star reports Sipple had prior juvenile charges.

Melton, 46, was shot after responding to an armed disturbance near 22nd Street and Haskell Avenue, Chief of Police Terry Zeigler said. Melton was rushed to the hospital, but attempts to save him were unsuccessful. He died at approximately 2:55 p.m.

Prosecutors believe there was an ongoing feud between Lewis and Sipple. Here is what you need to know about the two men:

1. Sipple was Already in Custody During Shooting that Killed Melton

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Daqon Sipple is being charged in connection with the death of Kansas City Police Captain Robert “Dave” Melton. (Wyandotte County Detention Center)

Because he was already in custody by time Melton was shot, Sipple is not being charged with murder. Wyandotte County District Attorney Jerome Gorman said, “In this situation, Sipple was taken into custody 19 minutes before Capt. Melton was shot. In order for Sipple to be liable for the death or the actions of Lewis, we would have to prove that he knew what Lewis was going to do over there on 22nd Street and we don’t have any evidence to show that he knew Lewis was going to shoot a police officer or particularly, Capt. Melton there,” according to Fox4KC.

Sipple was carrying his gun when he was arrested, authorities say. Watch the entire press conference here:

2. Lewis Allegedly Shot Through Melton’s Half-Down Window with his .40 Caliber Handgun

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Jamaal Lewis, 20, is being charged with capital murder in the shooting death of Kansas City Police Captain Robert “Dave” Melton. (Wyandotte County Detention Center)

Gorman, the prosecutor, said “The suspect produced a handgun and fired several shots into the passenger side of Captain Melton’s patrol car through the window, which was halfway down. At the time of the shooting, Captain Melton was trying to exit his patrol car to engage the suspect,” according to Fox4KC.

Melton was wearing his bulletproof vest, Gorman said.

“Mr. Lewis fired shots directly at Captain Melton, resulting in Captain Melton’s death,” Gorman said, according to the Kansas City Star.

3. Both Lewis’ and Sipple’s Families Claim the men are ‘Not Bad’ & ‘Not That Kind of Kid’

Both Lewis’ mother, Clarette Monroe, and Sipple’s sister, Jalelisa, told KCTV:

He’s not a bad kid,” Monroe said. “He’s hanging out with a rough crowd. He has no record and has never been arrested. People should not rush to judgment. Don’t do that.”

Jalelisa Sipple, the sister of Daqon Sipple, also spoke to KCTV5. She echoed Monroe’s comments.

“The only thing I want people to know is that the picture that’s being painted is not actually him,” she said. “Which is what most people know, everybody that knows him knows that he’s not that kind of kid.”

“I was surprised he was mixed up in this,” Patricia Drew, Sipple’s grandmother, told the Kansas City Star.

Investigators suspect the two men have an ongoing feud.

4. Sipple has a Juvenile Rap Sheet with Battery, Theft & Disorderly Conduct

The Kansas City Star reports Sipple had four prior convictions as a juvenile, according to Wyandotte County court records. The charges included a 2013 case where he pleaded guilty to battery on a school employee, a disorderly conduct charge in 2010 and prosecuted for theft in 2009.

Sipple is being held on a $100,000 bond, Wyandotte County records show.

5. Lewis is 2nd Man This Year Charged with Killing a Kansas City Cop

Detective Brad Lancaster. (Kansas City Police)

Detective Brad Lancaster. (Kansas City Police)

Lewis joins Curtis Ayers as two men facing capital murder charges against police. Ayers, who was charged with killing Kansas City Detective Brad Lancaster, still awaits his fate in court.

Lancaster was a nine-year veteran of the Kansas City department, and was the first death for that city’s police force since 1998, according to the Star. He, like Melton, was trying to stop a suspect near the Kansas City Motor Speedway.

Lewis is being held on $10 million bond.

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