Obama on Independence Day Photos: The Pictures You Need to See

Today marks President Barack Obama's final Independence Day in office. Like millions of Americans across the country, the 44th President will be celebrating the day with fireworks, music and backyard fun. However, his back yard is the South Lawn of the White House.

As Obama said in his weekly address, he said there will be members of the military and their families joining the Obama family on the South Lawn, as has been the tradition during his administration. The United Service Organizations (USO) is hosting the South Lawn events, winch will also include performances from musical guests.

This year's performers are singer Janelle Monae and rapper Kendrick Lamar, Politico reports. Obama is a big Lamar fan, naming "How Much a Dollar Cost" his top song from 2015. Monae also supported First Lady Michelle Obama's Let Girls Learn initiative.

The above photo shows the Obama family on their first Independence Day in the White House in 2009, speaking to military families. Click through for more photos of Obama through the years on Independence Day. (Getty)