WATCH: Tamron Hall Confronts Scott Baio About His Sexist Tweets

Tamron Hall reported from the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, and had Scott Baio as a guest on her MSNBC show, Live with Tamron Hall. During the interview, which occurred one day after Baio delivered a speech about a man “he trusts with the lives of” his family and “the health of our country”—presidential candidate Donald Trump. Hall had a some problems with his speech, mostly because Baio “claimed to have written part of his speech delivered Monday night while attending church services,” says Fusion (he wrote about writing the speech in church on his Facebook), and starts to ask him, “where [his] moral compass” was when he was tweeting despicable things about presidential candidate Hilary Clinton and first lady Michelle Obama.

Not sure what tweets she’s referencing? See below.

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The first tweet leaves nothing to the imagination: Baio is calling Clinton the C-word…although he promises he was not in his interview with Hall. “I just put it up there…without commentary,” Baio protested.

Tamron, you can look at that any way you want. It’s the word ‘count,’ that’s what she’s standing in front of, I just put it up there. It’s no commentary attached to it, I didn’t call her anything, and the fact that you question my faith by putting up a picture is not nice.

The second, is a dig at the nation’s first lady, but Baio claims it’s just a joke about wives. Hall challenges him with, “but does joking about a woman that way make America great again?”

Then, Hall points out that Baio blocked her on Twitter.

Last night I went on social media to see what you were saying about your speech and I realized that you blocked me. Why’d you block me from social media? I’m just curious…I was wondering if it was because of the Michelle Obama tweet.

Of course, Baio says it was a “mistake.”

Then, why the Charles in Charge and Happy Days actor tries to twist Hall’s words around, Hall shuts him down by saying “I do this for a living, you cannot chop my words up.”

This was a battle Baio would never win, see why in the video above.