WikiLeaks List: Most Damaging Emails About DNC, Clinton, & Bernie

WikiLeaks kept its promise to release a series of emails related to Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and the DNC. The emails show the DNC working against Bernie Sanders during the primary, with some startling tidbits such as how the DNC considered denying a Bernie delegate admittance to a fundraiser because she supported Bernie. The DNC was also only concerned about reduced polling locations in Rhode Island because it might give Sanders' supporters more reasons to complain. Many of these emails are part of the emails discovered from a hack of the DNC by Guccifer 2. With 19,252 emails released from the Democratic National Committee, including 891 documents and 175 spreadsheets, it can be a little overwhelming to go through them all. That's why we're providing in-depth coverage of the most interesting Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders emails in this gallery. The emails are inspiring Sanders supporters even more to stage big protests in Philadelphia during the Convention, and they might provide more evidence for a DNC class action lawsuit saying the primaries were rigged. Click through the gallery to see each of the most important emails, along with a detailed explanation. Note: Some of these are hard to read, so we provided a direct link to where WikiLeaks posted the email, if you need to see it more clearly. We will also be listing each topic below, so you can go directly to the messages of interest to you, if you prefer. Keep an eye on this story, as we will update it with more interesting emails as they are found. WikiLeaks said it was releasing a "series" of documents, so there may be more to come. (Getty)

Here's a list of the most damaging and/or interesting emails, in case you want to skip ahead to the ones of most interest to you:

Bernie Supporter and Delegate Almost Wasn't Allowed to Attend a DNC Fundraiser

DNC Party with the Washington Post: Was It a Joint Fundraiser?

DNC Collecting Bernie Voters' Data for Their Database

Rhode Island, Where Governor Is 'One of Ours,' Reduces Polling Locations

DNC Staffer Pitches Anti-Bernie Story to Communications Director

Laughing At Bernie's Wanting to Debate Before California

DNC Planning End of Sanders Campaign in April

Wasserman-Schultz Reacts Angrily to Claim That She's Biased

Wasserman-Schultz Called Jeff Weaver a 'Damn Liar' When He Said There Wasn't Violence in Nevada

Politico Reporter Agrees to Let DNC Review Article About Hillary Fundraising Before Publishing

DNC Planned Fake Craigslist Ad for Women Working for Trump

DNC Planned Messages About Bernie Being an Atheist to Hurt His Chances of Winning

Wasserman-Schultz Can't Stand Weaver

Wasserman-Schultz: It's Silly that Sanders Thinks He'll Be President

Hillary Clinton Campaign Sending Checks to DNC

Luis Miranda of the DNC Refers to Bernie as "BS"

Sanders Won't Have Convention Leverage (Back in April)

Donna Brazile, DNC Staffer, Not Neutral Like She Claimed

Luis Miranda of DNC Saying Clinton Not Really Under FBI Investigation

DNC Pushed to Keep NYT Reporter From Writing Too Much About Joint Victory Fund

Julie For President

Celebrating the End of Sanders' Lawsuit

State Parties' Being Short on Resources Is Funny to the DNC

DNC Staffer: Sanders Primary Win Just Means He's More Obnoxious

Video Rejected For Being Too 'Bernie Heavy'

DNC Had Friends Inside Bernie's Campaign Providing Information

Another DNC Friend Inside Sanders' Campaign