Beebo After ‘Shark Tank’- Thousands Sold Within Week of Airing

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In Season 7 of Shark Tank, Beebo got a deal with Lori and guest Shark Ashton Kutcher for their free hand bottle holder. We caught up with founder Martin Hill to learn about what the company has been up to since the show.

“Since airing on Shark Tank, we’ve sold out twice and have sold thousands upon thousands of units,” he said. We actually could have sold a whole lot more, but we strategically used the Shark Tank momentum to make product improvements in order to position ourselves for great retail success.”

Here’s what else he told us about…

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What’s Happened Since the ‘Tank’

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Shark Tank gave us a huge boost in sales both during and after airing. We had thousands of units in stock when we aired, which were all sold out within a week. We also had another container of product on the ocean which we opened up for pre-order. This was around 70 percent sold before it even hit the US. This huge boost in sales allowed us to completely redesign the packaging, negotiate a lower manufacturing cost (which in turn led to a new lower MSRP of $29.99 per unit, down from the original $39.95), and also make some great improvements to the overall product to get it retail ready. Since airing, we have launched nationwide into Buy Buy Baby, had great success with online sales, and also started selling into boutique/specialty stores.

Partnering With Lori & Ashton

Both Lori and Ashton are amazing partners. They pretty much leave me alone relating to running/growing the business, but to have them and their teams as a sounding board relating to product and business decisions is an incredible asset and advantage. They have both given me very valuable advice to assist in the strategic growth of my product/business, and their knowledge and experience is extremely valuable to me. I remember Ashton sending me the following email once, which goes to show that he is thinking about the true benefits that the Beebo can provide; “I think it {the new packaging} looks great. Been thinking that it might be nice to be able to market to women weening off of breast feeding as well.” We actually ended up having something on our new packaging relating to this!

Advice to Future ‘Tank’ Contestants

Watch as many episodes of Shark Tank as possible, take notes while watching relating to what to say and what not to say, always be true to yourself and your core values, and prepare for it like it is your life changing moment…..because it is! Good luck!

Expansion & International Demand

We now use a fulfillment center to fulfill all of our orders (to both direct website customers and retail orders), we have people who manage our social media accounts and have recently hired a sales person to ramp up our boutique/specialty store footprint. The Beebo has very high demand internationally also, so we’re in the process of ramping up manufacturing capabilities and strategically finding our international partners/distributors.

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