Texas Hot Air Balloon Crash Victims: Names, Photos & Profiles


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Frostee da Knowman

It’s like I said folks, I’ve been to Lockhart, Texas. They’re better off dead. Just keepin her real here folks.


Stupid comment – they were not from Lockhart, just supposed to be passing over. Lockhart is actually a great town – grew up there.

Frostee da Knowman

Well then you’ve never experienced anything else. Pretty sad I would say but ignorance is bliss. You should do something else besides playing on your mom’s computer. Don’t you have some cattle to rope or something? Maybe a pizza you should be delivering? LOL now goodbye or should I say “Hee Hawwwwwwwwwwwwwww”!!?? LMAO


LOL…..You’re an idiot!! How did you make it this far in life? Say what you will………………Your still an idiot!

Frostee da Knowman

Thanks for your permission to post on YOUR message forum. Smart enough to make it work so far. Just keepin it real here.

Frostee da Knowman

Sit down and Shaddap dougalmac54. Blither THIS, LOL.
You aren’t ready to step up.
Get back in class your recess is over.

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