Michelle Mishcon Stevens & John Stevens Photos: Pictures of The Florida Couple Murdered in Face Eating Attack

Michelle Mishcon Stevens and her husband John Stevens. Michelle Mishcon Stevens and John Stevens III were a married Florida couple who were both murdered in a bizarre face-eating attack. Police say the suspect was Austin Harrouff, a 19-year-old fraternity member from Florida State University. They are investigating whether Harrouff was on synthetic drugs, such as bath salts or Flakka, at the time of the attack, although preliminary tests came back negative for other drugs. However, toxicology tests are still pending. Michelle and John Stevens were attacked randomly in their garage. Police said that they did not believe that Michelle and John knew their attacker, characterizing the attack as random. The couple was stabbed but police said they encountered Harrouff eating the face of John Stevens, whom they said appeared to have tried to fight back. It took three deputies, a police K-9 and a stun gun to extricate Harrouff from John Stevens, said police. On Facebook, Michelle wrote that the couple had been married for 19 years and she said in one post that she was looking forward to another 19 years with John. She worked in finance. The couple lived in an affluent area of Florida. Both graduated from Florida high hchools, and Michelle was the daughter of a local retired mayor, who confirmed the tie to Florida news stations. On social media, the couple frequently posted photos together with large fish, on boats, and deep sea fishing. Friends wrote on social media that both Michelle and John Stevens loved life and characterized them as a very happy couple. John also had posted about his son, who served in Iraq. Police say Harrouff is at a local hospital.(Facebook/Michelle Mishcon Stevens)




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