PHOTOS: Remembering the Citronelle, Alabama, Murder Victims

Five people were slain in a grisly mass murder in Citronelle, Alabama on Aug. 20. The Mobile County Sheriff's Department, on Twitter, identified those slain as Shannon Melissa Randall, 35; Joseph Adam Turner, 26; Justin Kaleb Reed, 23; Robert Lee Brown, 26; and Chelsea Marie Reed, 22, who was five months pregnant. The Sheriff's Department arrested Derrick Dearman, 27, of Mississippi in connection with the slayings after he turned himself in with his father following the mass murder. Authorities allege that Dearman had tracked down his girlfriend Laneta Lester, who had fled to the home of friends because she was trying to escape an abusive relationship with Dearman. Authorities say that the victims had called police earlier in the day alleging that Dearman was trespassing on the property but authorities did not find anything amiss at that time. Police say Dearman returned to the property and murdered five adults, including a woman who was five months pregnant, with multiple weapons, including a firearm and, according to NBC, possibly an axe. The local district attorney told the news media in Alabama that the same was the most horrific and gruesome that she had seen. Authorities said in a news release that they believe the victims were slain while they slept, although they have not released many details as to how they believe the mass murder unfolded. After allegedly committing the homicides, authorities contend that Dearman, 27, fled the scene with Lester and an infant, but Lester eventually either escaped or was let go and told police about the slayings. Police then went to the mobile homes and discovered the bodies. News media reports say Dearman is likely to face six homicide charges because the unborn child was also killed. This photo is of victim Shannon Randall.



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