Bernie Sanders & Hillary Clinton’s Durham, NH Rally: The Photos You Need to See


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Bruce, that IS a big turnout for Reptillary. The Donald had about 25,000 the other night in Florida but the cameras wouldn’t turn around and show the crowd when he asked them too.


Bernie Sanders was robbed by the Democratic Party !! Bernie Sanders should have been the Presidential nominee for the Democratic Party !! Now he has to play second fiddle to the Clinton crime family ! They didn’t come to see Hillary lying Clinton ! They came to see poor Bernie having to stoop so low and claiming he wants Hillary Clinton to win !! Even Bernie Sanders know that Trans Pacific partnership ( also known as TPP) ,is bad for this country but Hillary Rodham Clinton is all for the trans-pacific partnership also known as (TPP), Hillary Clinton’s campaign illegally took 2.8 million dollars from their supporters and the best part about it is they keep it all under a hundred bucks so nobody can claim fraud against the Clinton campaign !! Now, Bernie Sanders has to stand up and eat crow, but he did get a new house out of the deal !! The Democratic brain washing machine is in full force !! The Democratic game is in full force !! Poor Bernie he has to stand next to somebody that robbed him from his election !! He could have been the next president of the United States but through crooked Hillary’s trickery !! He’s just a sidekick, a sideshow ,the stooge he’s just another puppet in the Clinton crime family ! Well good luck with that Bernie you sure profited by helping the clintons and the Muslim King Obama you need to vote for Hillary cuz I’m black !! Talk about someone who’s trying to racially divided this country for oh brother, we should be talking about Obama’s illegal Obamacare, using extortion forcing people into an arbitration contract and stripping American people from the protection of the Constitution and the constitution in the state they live in, or how about protecting Saudi Arabia and not allowing the victims of 911 to find closure !! But after all he wants all black people to protect his legacy ! As they live in poverty !!!!


This is so true and unfortunate. This is,exactly what the democrats I’m use you every 4 years and dover nothing for you. Obama had the balls to try to blame all minorities if Hillary isn’t elected…what a piece of shit he and the scumbags first lady..what a joke .

Please don’t let our lying scumbag president bully you into voting for Hillary. You really ought to give trump a chance..he WILL FIGHT for you.


Bernie sold out, period. And then took your support money and bought a house on the lake. He showed his true colors.


Bernie did NOT sell out. He didn’t take the money and buy a house. Get your facts straight. His wife inherited a house, sold it and used THAT money to purchase another house. Willful ignorance is not attractive Notyoo.


Are you kidding me Burnie Sanders sold out if he didn’t then why is he the puppet for the Puppet Master Clinton !! So, Bernie Sanders wife inherited a half a million dollar home and they sold it for a half a million dollar !! Then turned around and got another half a million dollar home, really !! They must not of liked the neighborhood that half a million dollar home was in that’s why they sold it right ? So they sold that half a million dollar home to get out of the dump they were in. Now tell me the story of the big bad wolf !!!!!!


RWolfen, big deal…where DID all that money go then? To the Clinton cartel? Probably, but to say he didn’t sell out is plain ignorance on your part, bud.

Ivy Lee

His bought his house at slightly > $600,000 not an expensive in VT., if you have been to VT many of the houses are over millions. I’m his supporter, like many of you I’m disappointed by he endorsed this corrupt woman. Try to put his shoes in your feet, if he does’t support her, he would get more isolations and inhumane by Democrats. Remember he was booed in the senate only b/c his delay to endorse her? In summer, Democrats went around in front the tv and media even PBS to denounce he was not a Democrat which he has never been. I’m glad that I has supported a Independent which I’m an Independent and don’t trust the two parties, particular Democrat in this election. He’s gotten tremendous pressure from DNC. Please continue your support to him. The below article has a glimpse of his new house,only 1,880 feet not a grant house like the Clintons’ millions dollar house. Perhaps you house is bigger than his.…/bernie-sanders-new-house-photos-pictures-lake-home-jane-net-worth-p…
Aug 20, 2016 – Get The Top 5 News Stories Each Day in Your InBox … Sanders was defeated in the Democratic primary by Hillary Clinton, and he earned a following for his fiery defense of low-income … Peek inside and outside Bernie Sanders’ new lake house in North Hero, Vermont. ….. Hillary did NOT defeat Sanders.

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