Donald Trump’s Melbourne, Florida Rally: The Photos You Need to See

Donald Trump spoke at a massive rally in Melbourne, Florida's Orlando Melbourne International Airport today, where more than 10,000 people are expected to attend. Jennifer Jacobs of Bloomberg said fire officials told her the count was closer to 5,200, but later reports showed the crowd was at capacity, which meant at least 7,500 were there. However, people who were at the rally said there were many, many more attendees than that. When Donald Trump tweeted after the rally was over, he said that 15,000 people were there and an additional 12,000 could not get in. Meanwhile, about 1,400 people attended a rally that Clinton held in North Carolina earlier on the same day. Trump's rally was absolutely packed, and only a small group of protesters were gathered at the corner of NASA and Airport Blvd. Trump shared his vision of America's future with passionate supporters who are ready to vote for him in November. The rally was delayed a bit because of weather while Trump was flying in, but that didn't diffuse his supporters' enthusiasm at all. Click through the gallery to see photos and stories from Trump's rally. (Getty)