Donald Trump Sniffling at the 2016 Presidential Debate: Is He Still Sick?

Donald Trump was sniffling quite a bit during the first presidential debate on September 26, and those sniffles continued during the second debate on Sunday evening. Both times, the Twittersphere took notice. While some are wondering if he’s trying out a new breathing technique, others are saying he’s channeling Marco Rubio from his notorious State of the Union water grasp. Perhaps unsurprisingly, a fair few are also cracking cocaine jokes. Then, of course, there’s the issue of his health. In the wake of Clinton’s pneumonia diagnosis, people are wondering if Trump is now healthy enough to take on the role of president.

Check out Twitter’s reaction to his sniffles below, from both presidential debates.

Trump was mocked early on in Monday’s debate, sparking a new hashtag that quickly spread over Twitter and began trending in the first twenty minutes of the debate: #trumpsniffle.

Donald Trump celebrated his 70th birthday in June. If elected, he would be the oldest president in history. Ronald Reagan was 69-years-old when he stepped into the role of president. Clinton, meanwhile, will be celebrating her 69th birthday a few weeks before the election. If she wins, she will be the second oldest president upon inauguration.

When Clinton recently fainted at a September 11 anniversary event, Trump accused her of not being healthy enough to serve in the White House. Now, people are wondering if Trump is the one who’s come down with an illness.

His doctor, however, may just argue otherwise. In December ’15, the Republican candidate’s doctor, Harold Bornstein, released a statement describing Trump’s health as “astonishingly excellent.” Dr. Bornstein, who works at Lenox Hill Hospital, wrote, “[Donald Trump’s] physical strength and stamina are extraordinary”, adding on that he had lost at least 15 pounds in the previous year.

Towards the end of his letter, Bornstein wrote, “If elected, Mr. Trump, I can state unequivocally, will be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency.” He also said that Trump has no history of ever using alcohol.

According to Time, in a statement that accompanied his doctor’s, Trump said, “People have been impressed by my stamina, but to me it has been easy because I am truly doing something that I love.”

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