Gary Johnson’s Best Live Tweets During the Presidential Debate

gary johnson live tweets

Gary Johnson’s best presidential debate live tweets. (Getty)

Gary Johnson and Bill Weld live tweeted during the presidential debate, straight from Twitter’s office in Chelsea, New York. They didn’t mince words when responding to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s answers, or providing their own responses to debate questions. If their tweets are any indication, the debate would have been well-served if the Commission allowed Johnson on the debate stage. Hopefully he will be included for the second and third debates.

Here are some of their best tweets during the debate.

His first tweet showed his displeasure at being left out:

Trump and Clinton talked about bringing jobs back to the U.S. Here was Johnson’s answer:

Clinton talked about lowering taxes, but Johnson said that her plan actually would cause taxes to rise:

This is Johnson’s tax plan:

He had tough words for both Clinton and Trump when it came to helping the middle class:

And, he pointed out, neither candidate promoted free trade:

His tweets were funny at times too, although also painfully on point. His sarcastic side would be a refreshing addition to the debate:

The two party system needs to end, and Johnson gave one reason why:

But he did tweet when he agreed with them, which happened sometimes. However, he was quick to point out when he didn’t, such as Clinton’s ideas for reforming the criminal justice system.

And Trump’s idea for fixing the criminal justice issues involved bringing back a controversial stop-and-frisk policy. Johnson wasn’t going to have any of that:

While they talked about cyberwarfare, Johnson addressed the issue neither side would discuss: Edward Snowden.

And while they debated who supported the Iraq war, Johnson pointed out that he never did:

In the end, he agreed with both candidates on one major point:

And he had a very powerful point to make when they started discussing stamina. It would have been great to see Johnson on the debate stage for that conversation:

Johnson is polling around or just shy of 10 percent in the major national polls. He needs to reach 15 percent to be included in the debates. There’s still a chance, and his supporters are hoping to get the word out about their candidate so he can join Clinton and Trump on the debate stage soon.



Barbara R

The two major parties, the media, all want Gary Johnson not to just be a sleeper, but to be comatose. They believe he is and that is why they don’t acknowledge him. When they do decide it is time to acknowledge him, it will not be pleasant. They will use their big money to do a smear campaign. The democrats will trash his agenda of smaller government and the republicans will call him a baby killer and a pot head. No matter what they say, he has my vote. If he wasn’t on the ballot there would be no reason for me to go to the polls.

Julie Ellis

So many people I’ve talked with, haven’t heard about Gary Johnson. I’ve seen no ads on tv, either. I’ve been telling everyone I speak to to check out Johnson/Weld . How can we get their names out there ?


You’re doing it, Julie. Share, tell your friends, get a bumper sticker. Get a yard sign. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram. Donate what you can, even if it’s $5.

Kevin Ransdell

Why would you expect people to know who Gary Johnson is when the major networks never show him on the nightly news. Oh wait, they were all more than happy to broadcast about him when he forgot what Aleppo was.


All I see his supporters do is toss out excuses- unfair, media is mean, etc. come on if he wants to be president show fire show passion sending out snappy tweets is so lame sorry but disappointed. We have lame GOP AND LAME DNC and now this guy who just lets it all go past him. Pathetic

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