Hillary Clinton ‘Body Double’ Conspiracy Theory: Compare Before & After 9/11 Photos

Conspiracy theorists have flooded the Internet, especially Twitter, with the theory that Hillary Clinton was replaced with a body double. Yes, seriously, people are arguing this; their central point is that the Hillary Clinton who attended the 9/11 ceremony and then emerged later from her daughter Chelsea's apartment does not look like the Hillary Clinton from a few days earlier. Conspiracy theorists say Hillary on 9/11 was a lot thinner and had a different body shape, in addition to different finger lengths. On Twitter, they have dissected the theory, and major news outlets have written about it from the standpoint of how easily people believe nutty conspiracy theories. Some believe it's an example of how easily conspiracy theories take root online, as Clinton has been hounded by them, including on her health even before she left the 9/11 ceremony early because her campaign said she had pneumonia. Dramatic video was widely shared of Clinton being assisted into a black van at the scene by aides, with her knees appearing to buckle under, before she went to Chelsea's apartment to recuperate. She then reemerged to wave to reporters from Chelsea's apartment and was photographed there as well as at the earlier ceremony. Hillary had public appearances at rallies and the Commander in Chief forum in the days before the 9/11 memorial. She looks different in those photos, conspiracy theorists says. Here are photos from Getty Images of Hillary on 9/11 - both at the ceremony and Chelsea's apartment - and in appearances in the few days before that date so that you can compare Hillary's appearance and decide for yourself. In this photo, Matt Lauer looks on as democratic presidential nominee former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks during the NBC News Commander-in-Chief Forum on September 7, 2016 in New York City. Hillary Clinton and republican presidential nominee Donald Trump are participating in the NBC News Commander-in-Chief Forum. (Getty)



Mark Nelson

It’s not her, it’s a body double. What are they thinking. People are stupid, or they just don’t care about this evil person.


Maybe he is. What is true is that HRC is a liar, a thief, and a murderer. Who want a president that kills 4 American in Bengazi and the say “What difference does it make”


Obama is a pathological Liar also, Joe Wilson was right and Hillary and Obama must have fell out the same tree,

Michael ☆

It doesn’t matter if she has a body double !! it dosn’t matter if she had 5 body doubles !! what matters is she lying that she is sick … She’s trying to protect her own legacy …. She’s trying to protect the fortune she has piled up for her kids her family…She’s lying to the American public! who she calls racist against Muslims !! That were involved in the World Trade Center! San Bernardino! Orlando! and on and on and on !! She cares nothing about hard working Americans! She does care about money though and her own future only!! Not the future of America….

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