Hillary Clinton ‘Body Double’ Conspiracy Theory: Compare Before & After 9/11 Photos


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Mark Nelson

It’s not her, it’s a body double. What are they thinking. People are stupid, or they just don’t care about this evil person.


Maybe he is. What is true is that HRC is a liar, a thief, and a murderer. Who want a president that kills 4 American in Bengazi and the say “What difference does it make”


Obama is a pathological Liar also, Joe Wilson was right and Hillary and Obama must have fell out the same tree,

Michael ☆

It doesn’t matter if she has a body double !! it dosn’t matter if she had 5 body doubles !! what matters is she lying that she is sick … She’s trying to protect her own legacy …. She’s trying to protect the fortune she has piled up for her kids her family…She’s lying to the American public! who she calls racist against Muslims !! That were involved in the World Trade Center! San Bernardino! Orlando! and on and on and on !! She cares nothing about hard working Americans! She does care about money though and her own future only!! Not the future of America….

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