Jessica Runions: Photos of the Missing Woman


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Just to clarify the guy in the photos with her isn’t Yust. That’s her boyfriend who misses her dearly.

Find Jessica

Have some respect. This girl is missing. Her family and friends are losing their minds with worry, not knowing if Jessica is safe. This is not the place for you to make a stand about protests or political views. I pray you never lose someone you love like this and have to experience the deep worry and concern that keeps you up at night, gives you nightmares, destroys your faith in humanity, makes it nearly impossible to eat, leaves you crying when you see something that belongs to her, and leaves you feeling utterly helpless to help your loved one. Jessica is a lovely young woman; she is bright, spunky, and vivacious. She loved everyone no matter their orientation, gender identity, religious views, or skin color.


Hey Judah, aka shitface, another day that you sound extremely bitter, about being born a Black.

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