Patricia Spann & Misty Velvet Dawn Spann: The Photos You Need to See

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A mother and daughter from Oklahoma, Patricia Spann and Misty Velvet Dawn Spann were legally married in March 2016, according to The Associated Press. The mother and her adult daughter have now been charged with felony incest counts in the Oklahoma Court System, court records show. In Oklahoma, it's unlawful for close relatives to marry. Patricia Spann allegedly told investigators she lost custody of Misty years ago, and the two were recently reacquainted and discovered they "hit it off," said The Lawton Constitution. It's the second incest case to hit the news in recent months. In New Mexico, a mother and son, Monica Mares and Caleb Peterson, have given media interviews declaring their love for each other although they have both been socked with incest charges as well. In that case, as well as that of the Spanns, the mother and child had been separated for years before becoming reacquainted. The Associated Press says it is unclear why the Spanns got married. On Facebook, Patricia Spann has posted numerous photos of herself with Misty and another much younger child. According to WDSU, the marriage was uncovered by a Department of Human Services investigator who was investigating a child welfare complaint. WDSU says that Patricia Spann previously married her son in 2008, but that marriage was annulled just over a year later. WDSU quotes a court affidavit as saying, "“He filed for an annulment 15 months later citing incest, stating he was married to his birth mother." Both mother and daughter were released on $10,000 bond, court records showed.
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What’s the big deal? They are both consenting adults, and their actions aren’t harming anyone. Another victimless crime!


It is a moral taboo as old as time. It hurts the moral fabric. You probably support pedophilia too.

Perhaps if the weirdo mother hadn’t done the same with ANOTHER one of her children, maybe I could POSSIBLY grant you SOME sort of agreement, but this is morally disgusting.

Thousands of years of humanity’s history says this is wrong for a reason. I think I’ll stick with that judgement vs. a random poster on a cheesy blog site.


I probably support pedophilia because I believe two consenting adults should be allowed to have sex even because they are mother and daughter? No. Incest between consenting adults is different than molesting a child.


“photos I need to see” isn’t quite what I got. Where’s the NSFW stuff? I now need them.

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