Canada Clown Sightings List: Which Provinces Reported Creepy Clowns?

clowns canada

Where have clowns been reported in Canada? (Getty)

At least 44 states in the United States reported creepy clown sightings, and now Canada is reporting them too. As the clowns seem to move northward, Canadians are wondering which provinces have had the most sightings. This is especially concerning as Halloween approaches, since many people will be dressed as clowns for trick-or-treating.

The affected provinces are: Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Ontario, and Quebec.

Scroll down to see details on each province and let us know in the comments about any sightings that aren’t listed here.

Here are the areas in Canada affected and what happened, listed in alphabetical order.

Alberta Clown Sightings

Several clown sightings have been reported in Alberta. In Edmonton, Harry Ainlay High School went on lockdown on October 5. Additional threats were reported at other schools nearby. Edmonton Journal reported a suspect was arrested who was behind the threats made from an Instagram account called The Arbiter (or clown.yeg.) The posts included a photo of a clown in a coffin with a caption about burying people alive.

In Fort Saskatchewan, two clown sightings were reported and a 15-year-old admitted to being behind one of those reports. He turned himself in to police and a number of classmates also alerted law enforcement.

A 20-year-old in Taber dressed as a creepy clown as a joke, only to start getting death threats. Police found him and told him not to wear the mask anymore.

Calgary Police said several residents notified them of clown images seen around the city.

The sightings aren’t done, however. A woman from Central Alberta posted on Facebook on October 25 that her daughter saw a clown near Aspen Heights. And on October 22, someone in downtown Calgary said that he had his first clown sighting:

On October 14, Big Dog 103.5 announced that Lloydminster had its first sighting, with a clown carrying a “Free Hugs” sign and a pipe:

British Columbia Clown Reports

In British Columbia, teens wearing clown costumes hid behind bushes and scared some middle school boys, chasing them down the street near Stafford Middle School in early October. Two other teenage boys threatened schools in Prince Georgia, causing them to be locked down. The 16- and 17-year-olds were arrested.

Other people around Vancouver and other areas have been reporting seeing clowns.

And here’s a video of a supposed clown sighting in Vancouver:

Manitoba Clown Sightings

Not to be left out, clowns have been reported in Manitoba too, however these reports ended up being unfounded. College Sturgeon Heights Collegiate had rumors of clown sightings. But the local school division investigated and said it was just an accidental photo taken of a student nearby.

Meanwhile, in mid-October two teens dressed as clowns were arrested in Winnipeg. They were in the Valley Gardens area and were reported to have been chasing people while carrying something that looked like a weapon. They wore clown masks with purple hair.

New Brunswick Clown Reports

Several clowns were reported in the New Brunswick region. In Ripples, residents said a clown was seen jumping in front of cars. No arrests were made.

Of course, not everyone’s taking the sightings so seriously. The news prompted a lot of jokes on Facebook too.

Newfoundland Clown Sightings

In Gander and other areas of Newfoundland, creepy clowns were reported to local authorities, but no arrests were made. Local residents talked about sightings on Facebook.

Nova Scotia Clown Reports

Not to be outdone, clowns were reported in Halifax, Hammonds Plains, and Dartmouth, Metro News reported. An Instagram post prompted an investigation at Halifax West High School. No threats were made, the post was just a photo of a clown at the high school, posted by halifax_clowns. The account’s profile reads: “We ain’t killing we just creepin.” Clowns were reported to interfere with traffic in Glace Bay. And a 24-year-old in Clark’s Harbour was arrested after grabbing at a young boy while wearing a clown mask.

But some residents are just having fun with the whole thing, such as this Facebook post:

Nunavut Clown Sightings

In Nunavut, several residents reported seeing clowns in early October near Rankin Inlet. There were no reports of people injured, but residents were upset and angry.

Ontario Clown Reports

Ontario hasn’t been spared of clowns. Some were spotted chasing children near Pope Francis Catholic School in early October in Toronto. Two 15-year-olds were detained by police. They may have been filming the chases for a YouTube videok, police said.

A group named “Clowns in the 6” named different Toronto high schools as potential clown targets in early October. They mentioned eight schools in the Toronto Catholic School District Board.  Threats were also made to London, Ontario high schools, from a group on Instagram that said it would kidnap students.

Quebec Clown Sightings

Some sightings were also reported in Quebec as early as August, when residents said clowns were seen chasing kids in Gatineau. And in early October, a video showed a clown carrying a chainsaw and chasing a car down a dirt road. You can watch the video below:

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