Donald Trump’s Ambridge, PA Rally: The Photos You Need to See

Donald Trump led a rally today in Ambridge, Pennsylvania, attended by thousands. Although official numbers weren't released at the time of publication, about 3,000 were expected. said there were nearly 3,000 inside the venue, with about 5,000 watching on a jumbotron outside. This was his first rally after this debate with Hillary Clinton on Sunday night. Protesters were also there, making their voices heard, and schools were dismissed early for the rally. Click through the gallery to see photos from the rally & learn more about what happened. (Getty)



Tom Compton

Why is bengizi not the main issue for attacking clinton..e-mails? I think 4 dead soldiers outway the e-mails..I attended ambirdge rally..loved it..


Let’s play a game! Do not, tag anything good about Hillary Clinton or Obama,tag things like Obama and others are being sued for inciting a race riots!! Like Hillary Clinton’s emails! Bill Clinton’s treatment of women. Tag only, the bad and ugly stories!! After all,like Hillary Clinton said at this point what difference does it make! As we all know who won the second presidential debate, so let’s give them what they want! Tag the same thing 2 or 3 times a day and tell a friend, together we can make America great again!! We have some work to do,will know how we did in a week.

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