Safe Grabs Enter the ‘Shark Tank’: A Look Inside the Company

Safe Grabs a multi-purpose microwave splatter guard, entered the Shark Tank in Season 8.

We interviewed its inventor, Cyndi Lee, and learned that the product, which originally went by the name “Micro Easy Grab,” is available on Amazon as well as QVC and Home Depot’s websites. As for her future aspirations, she said, “I would love to partner up with Bed Bath & Beyond, Crate and Barrel, Williams-Sonoma, Sur La Table and Target.”

Here’s what else she told us about…

Interested in Safe Grabs? Buy one here.

How the Idea Came About

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As a kid, I kept burning my fingers grabbing a hot dish out of the microwave because I was too lazy to grab a towel or a mitt and decades later, my bad habit never changed. I finally decided to invent Safe Grabs, formally Micro Easy Grab, when I couldn’t find a job and decided to plunge into the entrepreneur’s world! I’ve made costly mistakes along the way but as Jack Ma says, “Mistakes are revenues later,” as long as you learn from them.

Making it Onto ‘Shark Tank’ on the 3rd Try

I remember watching the first episode and thinking, “This is the best show ever, but never in my wildest dreams would I ever try out for it! Serendipity perhaps…Have you ever embarked on a project and failed repeatedly? It was my third time trying out for Shark Tank and every time I didn’t make it, it was pure devastation. I applied online the first year, went to a open casting the second, and finally with sheer determination, I made it the third year! Perseverance is a must! In hindsight, everything happens for a reason. Had I made it on the Shark Tank the prior years, I would have made a complete fool of myself with the lack of knowledge, the time, and practice needed to hone in on my pitch. Being on QVC, Steve Harvey and the local news helped me to improve my pitch and I practiced repeatedly while driving, cooking, showering and even when I woke up in the middle of the night!

Changing the Product’s Name

When I was featured on the Steve Harvey Show for inventors, Heather Thomson from Real Housewives of New York and Amylia Antonetti, successful entrepreneurs, chose me for the best product to succeed! They also suggested changing the name to something easier that also encompassed all the many uses the product represented. I listened and went full throttle on the process of renaming “Micro Easy Grab” to “Safe Grabs” not knowing I would be on the Shark Tank– what perfect timing! I had to air the samples from China for the pitch and was on pins and needles praying the samples were perfect for the Sharks, and yes they were!

Interested in Safe Grabs? Buy one here.

A Loving Partnership with QVC

I love my QVC customers! I was one of six people who won “The Search for a Better Tomorrow” product search contest and I sold out on my airing. They gave me a chance to prove my product was useful and the reviews are great. All anyone wants is to be given a chance.

Her Nerves in the ‘Tank’

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I was on autopilot for the pitch and no one can ever be one-hundred percent prepared for the questions, but I survived without fainting, which was a miracle. I wasn’t so scared of the Sharks because I’ve been watching them for years and it’s exactly what you see on TV, but more of the realization that millions of people would be watching me on prime time television scared me to death.

Interested in Safe Grabs? Buy one here.

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