Donald Trump New York City Protests Night 2: The Photos You Need to See


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That’s why Caesar was so effective in The Art of War.
He used Mastiff that were trained to bring down buffalo and ,then he released hundreds of these dogs into the city and after the dogs he marched in .

Am I giving somebody an idea !

But see the Muslims think their bullshit over in Europe is going to work here in United States !

They think we’re just going to keep putting up with this bullshit protesting day after day without a permit !!!

you don’t have a permit !!

What no permit to protest !!

You’re cheating the man out of his money !

Get ready for the dogs !


I was sitting at my desk and I find sunny afternoon, and all of a sudden I heard a crash! it was a rock that broke my window. it hit my secretary in her right tit and bouncing off and rolled on to the desk , there was as a yellow scrap of paper tied to the Rock ,and being the good private eye that I am ,I read the note !and ; It read sorry for breaking your window with this rock. I chuckled for a moment and then immediately went to my secretary to inspect her tit ! after several hours of massage the wound, I decided to have a drink .


So funny and original . . . if only it weren’t SO PATHETIC and BORING!


“Get ready for the dogs.” Yes, attack dogs commanded to attack non-violent protesters as they did in the 1960”s South . . . good to know we’ve come so far as a country. Since you blame all Muslims for the acts of a few, I assume then, if you are white, or male, or both, you also take responsibility for all the crimes and terrorism white males commit?


Yes that’s why the Isis Muslim Fighters are cutting the heads off of Christians because they are American politicians .

Yes that’s why I said muslim Fighters are blowing innocent people up because they are politicians.

Yes I see Muslim Fighters are killing the innocent children and the innocent old because they are politicians.
Yes I see your comment so blow it out your ass.


Hmm, don’t remember Caesar saying protesters were “unfair.” IF Donnie the Whino can’t stand the heat, then he needs to get out the kitchen.


That’s right you scumbag piece of shit send in the dogs. and beat them in the head with sticks .
Break their legs and show the world we are not taking no more bullshit. Especially some Muslims that are trying to incite riots and create civil unrest stop them.
They thought it was funny to go to Trump rallies and beat up on poor innocent Americans. So go f yourself and your shit ass comments because this is America mother f***** not the Middle East.
Blow it out your ass ……..


Careful, your stupidity and bigotry are showing–oh, sorry, I forgot, blatant bigotry and stupidity are “in” now; especially come January 20th @ 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.


Good thing we didn’t get that lying Criminal in the office.
Crying like a bunch of babies now you know why these nutjobs go to the Middle East to join Isis .
Because Obama and this government has stripped our values down to scum ! Like the kind of scum you find in the Middle East ,that stone there women and kill their babies.
And claim they will destroy America. Blow it out your ass !!!!!


YEAH! Poor kids! Their Educational Factories left their heads in the Default Mode ignoring that button, “PUSH TO ENGAGE BRAIN BEFORE OPERATING MOUTH!”

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