Sherri Papini Photos: Pictures of ‘Abducted’ California Mom

A 34-year-old wife and mother of two was found alive, but beaten and chained, alongside a highway in California three weeks after disappearing in an apparent abduction, police say. Sherri Papini went missing after leaving her home in Redding, California, on November 2 for a late morning jog, CNN reports.Was Sherri abducted or was the alleged kidnapping staged? Click through the gallery to learn more. (Twitter/joeswicked)




People think this is a hoax? Really? Please. She’s 5 foot nothing and 100 lbs. Looks lIke a small teen or child. Probably kidnapped by drug or sex trafficking folk who went…oh shite! When they saw news she’s a 34 yrs old mom. Some women look very young for their age.


You could have a point about it being political. It could be jealous Latinas of white women and how Trump will give them the special treatment even more than they already enjoy. She’s as white as bread, with a nice white life. Just sayin.


You little SCUM. What are you a racist against whites???

The mexican cartels will VERY soon feel the LAW stepping on their racist we backs!!!

America is a WESTERN Nation. Put that in your burrito head!!


You are the dumb, ignorant racist. Hispanics are white…i think you meant mexican against whites. I hope the drug cartel get eliminated but that won’t happen soon. Americans want drugs and will pay for them. The drug dealer are just giving them what they want. If you don’t want drugs in the US, educate your children and provide a positive role model. You dumbaz.


America will never stop the drug issue until americans raise their children right and educate them. As far as racist…you are but you are probably just a dumbaz. The cartel provides americans what they want, if there was no demand the cartel would be out of business. I hope cartels get eliminated but don’t see that happening especially when American won’t recognize the real problem. Its not a racial issue despite your lack of awareness, education and proper raising.


Rumours that Sherri’s parents raised her white
as snow, in her little racist high school and now her affliction and involvement (and others) with Bethel School of Supernatural ,Ministries of Redding, CA. on this case, very interesting. But doubt that it will ever be resolved or a Real Hero here….glad she is back, but she should speak out, unless there was some underlying disorder she had, before this incident.

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