WATCH: Sheriff Arpaio’s Press Conference on President Obama’s Birth Certificate [FULL VIDEO]

Earlier on Thursday, Sheriff Joe Arpaio concluded his years-long investigation into the authenticity of President Barack Obama’s long-form birth certificate. He concluded, through analysis done by two independent forensic examiners, that the birth certificate was a forgery. He emphasized that this did not mean that he believed Obama was not a natural-born citizen, only that the certificate itself was not authentic. During the conference, experts shared nine points of forgery that appeared to be directly lifted from another birth certificate from a Hawaiian resident born 16 days apart. You can watch the entire video as it was shared on Facebook Live above. (To see photos and details about the evidence presented, see our story here.)

Arpaio did not answer questions or present information or evidence for the media to examine. He said he would be turning over additional information to the federal government for its own investigation. He added that he couldn’t answer questions because he had additional sensitive information that he was not going to share.

If you’d like to watch the press conference from a different angle, see the YouTube video below:

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