Amir Khan Sex Tape Leaked: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Champion boxer Amir Khan, 30, has made headlines after an alleged sex tape that he starred in was leaked to a “major porn website” in the U.S., according to The Sun.

The publication reported that “the X-rated clip shows him in just a T-shirt and boxer shorts performing a sex act on himself while in conversation with a female model on the video call service Skype.”

The tape reportedly stars a woman that is not Khan’s wife of three years.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. The Alleged Sex Tape Is Thought to Have Been Filmed Just Weeks After Khan Married Faryal Makhdoom

The sex tape at the center of the drama was thought to have been filmed only weeks after Khan’s 2013 Muslim wedding to then 21-year-old Faryal Makhdxoom, according to The Sun.

Khan spoke with Hello! magazine in 2013 about his marriage to the bombshell, and joked about having to “tie the knot quickly, before I got beaten up in too many fights and lost my looks!”

He told Hello! that he was ready to grow up and become a husband. Khan told the publication:

I’ve got to look after Faryal, so I won’t be going out as much partying with my friends…I don’t want that anymore – I want to do the family thing. I think I’ll change as a person when I’m married and it’ll be a big plus for me, I’ll be able to be more focused on my job too.

2. His Wife Is Reportedly ‘Disgusted’ by the News

The Sun reported that Makhdoom was thought to be “absolutely disgusted” by the sex tape.

The latest reports have seemingly left Khan “mortified.” “He’s a Muslim boxer and his personal life is under the microscope right now, so the timing couldn’t be worse,” a source told The Sun. “There had been rumors about these videos for years but now anyone who wants to view them on the internet for free can do so.”

3. The Video Was ‘Leaked’ to a Major United States Porn Site

Though the exact site has not been verified, The Sun reported that the sex tryst was “published on a major porn website.”

Makhdoom seemed to have moved on from when the rumors of the tape first surfaced. Her Twitter and Instagram accounts boast pictures of the seemingly happy family. However, there has not been anything addressed of the latest news on either account.

4. The Woman in the Video First Shared a Fling With Khan in 2010, According to The Sun

The woman who accompanies Khan in the sex video has not been named, though The Sun reported that she is “believed to have been from Arizona,” and that the two first became acquainted during a “fling in 2010.”

5. Makhdoom Recently Took to Social Media About Being Bullied by Her In-Laws

In a series of social media posts, Makhdoom vented about how she was being bullied by her in-laws. One of the posts read, according to The Sun:

When you force your son to divorce his wife, When she’s 9 months pregnant!!! And your son doesn’t….and he sticks besideshis wife. He’s called a p***y? Ok, I’m guessing Islam teaches us to get married and divorce our wives and treat them bad???

An Instagram post on Makhdoom’s account reiterates there’s trouble at home:





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