Melania Trump at the Inauguration: Photos of the First Lady

Melania Trump is now First Lady of the United States of America. She's not only making headlines for her new role, but she's also making headlines for her fashion choices. From a beautiful blue dress to a stunning gold dress and a cream inaugural gown that was amazing, the Internet is abuzz about Melania Trump. But she's not just known for her fashion sense. She's strong, confident, and poised and will make a great First Lady. Click through the gallery to see photos of the First Lady. We will add more photos to this gallery as the evening progresses, including photos of her at the inaugural balls. (Getty)



Kathi Duncan

People that are comparing her to Jackie Kennedy please stop. She will never be a Jackie no matter how she trys to channel her. And did anyone else notice that her inaugural ball dress sure reminded me of Michelle Obama’s dress that she wore 8 yrs ago. I guess plagiarizing Michele was just the start.


Keep dreaming…this is a real first lady. Zera’s dress looked like big Bird. Michelle belongs in national geographic


Comparing photos of Melania and Jackie, Melania wins by a landslide. Jackie wasn’t all that attractive actually, just thin.


Huh? Their dresses are nothing alike! Melania has an hour glass figure and well, Michelle has a tent.

Teresa Parsons

Melania Did NOT Try to Copy anyone! Melania’s Dress was Not even close to the same Dress Michelle wore! Melania is Elegant and Beautiful and is going to be the Perfect First Lady! You can’t put Michelle anywhere close to Melania’s League! Melania is Gorgeous! Michelle looks like a Man!


Jackie Kennedy screwed around on Jack Kennedy and Aristotle Onassis. So yes, on that basis, she’s no Jackie


And neither just being black and being able to fool a lot of people!
At least we have a First Lady who is proud to be an American, not one like Michelle Obama who stated in 2008 after her husband won the election that it was the first time in her life that she was proud of America!! Does that impress you as a quality for a first lady?
You and people like you are pathetic and deserve what the Obama eight years brought. Undeservedly, you will however also benefit from the Trump administration but I hope you eat your hearts out each and every day of his Presidency and your jealous and cancerous envy rips your insides out every time this beautiful First Lady┬┤s image is in a magazine, newspaper or television.


Get over it dummy she has a right to her opinion if it good for Donald Trump then its good everyone .just in case you and other rednecks.forgot this is America and it’s not just for Whites

Teresa Parsons

What does being a Super Model have anything to do with being The First Lady????? Are you guys Mental?? Melania Trump is going to be So Much Better than Obama! Melania is Elegant and Beautiful and Looks Like a Woman!! Michelle was NOT and Did NOT!!!

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