WATCH: Rex Tillerson Doesn’t Rule Out Muslim Registry

During his cabinet hearing on Wednesday, secretary of state nominee Rex Tillerson did not rule out the possibility that he would support a national registry of American Muslims.

Tillerson was asked on Wednesday afternoon, “Do you support creating a national registry for American Muslims?” The former ExxonMobil CEO did not rule out the possibility that he would support this but said he would need more information.

“I would need to have a lot more information around how such an approach would even be constructed, and if it were a tool for vetting, then it probably extends to other people as well, other groups that are threats to the U.S,” Tillerson said.

This noncommittal answer stands in contrast with the answers of other cabinet nominees who have been asked that same question this week. On Tuesday, John Kelly, Trump’s nominee for secretary of Homeland Security, flatly rejected the idea of a national registry of Muslims.

“I don’t agree with registering people based on [ethnicity] or religion or anything like that,” Kelly said.

And on Tuesday, Jeff Sessions, Trump’s nominee for attorney general, said the same thing.

“I would not favor a registry of Muslims in the United States,” Sessions said during his confirmation hearing.

Trump first suggested his administration might implement a national registry of Muslims in November 2015. Trump was asked by Yahoo News, “Do you think we might need to register Muslims in some type of database, or note their religion on their ID?” Trump responded, We’re going to have to look at a lot of things very closely. We’re going to have to look at the mosques. We’re going to have to look very, very carefully.”

Trump was then asked in an interview with NBC News, “[I]s there going to be a database that tracks the Muslims here in this country?” Trump said, “Oh I would certainly implement that. Absolutely.”

After facing backlash for this comment, Trump took to Twitter to say that he was not the one who suggested the idea and that he was just responding to a reporter. However, he didn’t actually take back his statement.

Later, when asked by ABC News if he would rule out a Muslim registry, Trump said, “No, not at all.”

Members of Trump’s staff have since said that Trump does not support a Muslim registry and have denied that Trump suggested that he supports one.

“President-elect Trump has never advocated for any registry or system that tracks individuals based on their religion, and to imply otherwise is completely false,” Jason Miller, Communications Director of the Presidential Transition Team, said in a statement in November 2016.

However, Trump himself has never said that he does not support the implementation of a national registry of Muslims. The closest he came to addressing that question in recent weeks came last month; when Trump was asked in December if he still supports a registry of Muslims and the ban of Muslim immigration into the United States, he said, “You’ve known my plans all along. I’ve been proven to be right — 100 percent correct.”


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You vapid dingbat, try reality for a moment. First off, what is being contemplated is a registry of high risk Islamic immigrants (not necessarily being naturalized) who visit the country. Just so you know, you blithering fool, Jimmy Carter did this with Iranians here on student visas back in the late ’70s. And we already have a law on the books that requires us to track high risk Islamic immigrants, so the statutory authority exists to do this. Which is just common sense, because not all visitors to our nation wish us well. You child.

Of course, a registry of Muslim-American citizens would be not be unprecedented. Short of the Japanese internment camps, in fact we kept registries of German immigrants and other categories of citizens who might be more of a risk to our national security at various times in our history.

I get it, you live in a fantasyworld of nonsense and have no understanding of how to secure a nation’s security. That’s okay, many people do, and keep you safe despite your idiocy. Move along, you blithering man-child.

up yours

It’s called guilt by association !

It’s good enough for the American gangs and the biker clubs !

It’s good enough for radical Islamic terrorists that have interred our country illegally and without proper venting through the Obama Administration.
And ;

Name-calling is another form of Muslim !

Retaliation !

Disobedience !

Unwillingness to comply with the laws of the country they were invited to !

And the countries they weren’t invited to !

I have seen their disobedience and their game playing in Europe everyone’s a racist except for Muslims !

Just as the Democrats are doing right now name-calling and everybody’s a racist but them !
And if I lived in a fantasy world !

I would believe the bull shit handed out by those who want to destroy this country !

So take your trash spewing words and blow them out of your ass !

Because you do not fool me in your true intent to destroy this country from within !

Now in less than a hundred days all of that hard work that the Muslim King and his administration has done to put this country to its knee !

And all of that money wasted !

I do admit you almost got the country !

But !
This country is protected by the true God !

up yours

Okay ! So we’re going to risk National Security, lives.
Because you’re going to hurt somebody’s feelings.
Have the Democrats gone completely insane.
Ever heard of Guilty By Association ?
The FBI and local (gang task force) law enforcement authorities.
Have been using this law to convect multiple offenders in an effort to crack down on gang violence !
Now radical Islamic terrorism has reached the shores of the United States there is no difference between gang violence and terrorist !
So if Muslims in the United States refused to cooperate with authorities they should be guilty By Association. And ;
Therefore be charged with terrorist crimes against the United States.
Because ! they’re Muslim they get to pick and choose the laws are going to follow in the United States.
The Department of Justice claims that immigrants have equal protection under the law !
As a American citizen I demand that same protection.
Now if our fearless leaders that have created a special relationship with us !
Fail to do their job and give us equal protection as they claim !
They can be held legally responsible for any damages.
By their unwillingness to act !
Crimes by association, is not new in the United States .

With that said !
If you don’t like the heat get out of the kitchen.
Don’t jeopardize my safety because you’re going to hurt somebody’s feelings.

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