LIVE STREAM: Democratic National Committee Chair Vote

DNC Winter Meeting- AtlantaThe Democratic National Committee Hosts a party meeting in Atlanta, GA. Subscribed to our channel for more.2017-02-26T03:44:41.000Z

The Democratic National Committee is about to select its next chair.

Democrats will vote on the next DNC chair at the DNC Winter Meeting on Saturday, February 24th. Voting will commence in the morning, and the entire event will be streaming live on YouTube on The Democrats’ official channel.

The 447 members of the Democratic National Committee will be voting on Saturday, and they have seven choices: Keith Ellison, Tom Perez, Pete Buttigieg, Sally Boynton Brown, Jehmu Greene, Peter Peckarsky, and Sam Ronan.

To be elected chair, a candidate only needs a simple majority of votes, i.e. 224. But with so many nominees, it is likely that no one will receive a majority during the first round of voting. Democrats will have to continue to vote until someone gets a majority, and after the second round of voting, the candidate who receives the fewest votes will be eliminated in order to narrow the field down.

The race is widely believed to be down to Tom Perez and Keith Ellison, though it’s a tossup between the two of them. Pete Buttigieg has also emerged as a dark horse candidate who could emerge if neither Tom Perez nor Keith Ellison is able to earn a majority of votes.

This entire voting process will be made available for the public to see. The DNC Winter Meeting is being held in Atlanta, Georgia, and it lasts through February 25th.

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