WATCH: Cash Me Outside aka Danielle Bregoli on ‘Dr. Phil’

This is the video the world has been waiting for, Cash Me Outside’s second appearance on the Dr. Phil show. Above is the opening segment of the show featuring an interview with the girl’s mother, Barbara Ann Peskowitz. This interview reveals a bizarre list of demands that Peskowitz had made to the show’s producers regarding her daughter’s reappearance.

Weirdly, the good doctor chose to have no audience present during the show. When Cash Me Outside aka Danielle Bregoli saw this, she said that there was “no show” without “hoes.” During her September 2016 appearance on the show, Bregoli constantly referred to the audience as “hoes.”

The show moved on to show the teenager’s tense interview with a Dr. Phil producer. Arguably the finest and most viral moment was when Bregoli said that she “made” Dr. Phil similar to how Oprah Winfrey “made” him. In 1995, Dr. Phil first met Oprah and by 1998 he was appearing on her show.

Sadly, Bregoli’s appearance won’t mention the teen’s altercation on board a Spirit Airlines flight out of LAX on February 6. TMZ reported at the time that Bregoli’s mother was struggling to put a bag into overhead storage. Another passenger grew impatient with the hold-up and caused Bregoli to lose her temper. The result was a minor brawl and Bregoli being called a “w***er” the other passenger. Nobody was arrested by the responding officers.

Later, an interview with Bregoli appeared on Dr. Phil’s YouTube channel:

Read more about Danielle Bregoli in Spanish at


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why are TV shows pandering to this nonsense, it just makes a very sad statement…


Wow. That’s not a good wow btw for Danielle and her mother. Apparently, the mother should take a long, hard look at her own behavior if she wants to know how or why her daughter acts the way she does. I am just as protective of my family as anyone, but that’s not protection, that’s aggression. I don’t normally comment, however, behavior like these two display should not be encouraged or rewarded. I hope there are ZERO profits to be made by either of them.

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