Brooke Lajiness Photos: Pictures of Michigan Mom Accused of Having Sex With Teen


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Just look at these pics. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what’s going on here. Obviously, this woman has been, since her wedding day, relegated to the position of “Trophy Wife” to a guy who feels that having one (Trophy Wife) is essential! She finally got fed up and decided it was time for a little “Payback”. Usually, over time, trophies get forgotten or thrown out by their owners. Not this time. Not this trophy. Not this gal. In this case….the trophy pitched out its owner. End of story! Sad but seen all too often.

Teri Sears

And you decided all of this from looking at her pictures and feel sorry for her as well? Trophy wives are typically considerably younger than their husbands which despite the way she looks and dresses doesnt seem to be the case here.

Tony Sliverstein

Is her Husband Mr.Laziness (Brooke Lajiness) legally a Typical White Cuckold?

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