Jackie Watts (Jacqueline): Photos to Remember Her Life

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A Tragic Ending

Jackie Watts (sometimes known as Jacqueline Watts), is a 33-year-old Indianapolis, Indiana woman who was found dead on a river sandbar Police said March 5 that they do not suspect foul play in her death, reported the Indianapolis Star, and on Monday they said they think Watts accidentally drowned while chasing a lost dog in an attempt to rescue the animal. Watts, who was married, frequently posted photos on Facebook with her husband, Michael, and her pets. Jackie was known for her love of animals, and many of her photos show her with her dogs, a rabbit, and outdoors, such as boating. Watts was found dead after she disappeared after dropping her pets off at her parents' house before a trip to the airport. Watts was supposed to go with her husband to the airport for a trip to Washington D.C., her sister-in-law said, but she disappeared without explanation. Police conducted an extensive group search and found Jackie's body in a river on the morning of March 4. Police are not saying how she was killed, according to Fox 59. According to the Indianapolis Star, police have also not classified Watts' death a homicide; they are waiting for autopsy results before saying more about how she died. However, one news report said that police have reason to believe that Jackie's death was suspicious. This is countered by a report from a woman on social media that it was possible Jackie had been trying to chase down a stray dog when she died; however, this report is not confirmed. Jackie's case was initially treated as a missing person's case, and her sister had posted a plea for help in finding her when she did not show up at her parents' house as expected. (Facebook/Columbus Police)