How to Track Snow Plows in Pennsylvania after Winter Storm Stella

snow plows


What are the road conditions like in Pennsylvania? How do you know which roads have been plowed and salted? If you live in Pennsylvania, then you’re likely to experience snow delays or cancellations from Winter Storm Stella, where snow totals reached 30 inches in some areas. Residents will also want to keep track of snow plows when they’re getting ready to head back out on the roads after this all clears up.

PennDOT is your best bet for tracking local snow plow activity. You can watch where the snow plows are working and their progress right here. On-duty trucks are shown in real time, YDR reported. You can also zoom into your specific neighborhood. Some areas, like interstates or expressways, may not be shown. Make sure the “plow trucks” icon is selected on the top of the map.

You can also see which roads have weather restrictions here. At the time of publication, 511PA reported: “The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has reduced the speed limit to 45 mph on Interstates 78, 80, 81, 83, 95, 283, 176, 180, 476, 380 until 12 a.m. and has issued a travel ban on tandem truck trailers, empty trailers, non-commercial vehicles hauling trailers, buses, recreational vehicles and motorcycles on Interstates 80, 83, 95, 283, 176, 180, 476, 380 and all limited access highways east of Interstate 99.”

You can also note road conditions and current speeds here.