PHOTOS: New Post-9/11 Images of the Pentagon Released by the FBI

The Pentagon following the attacks of September 11, 2001. (F.B.I.)

Shown smoldering with fire and heavy smoke after being hit by a hijacked commercial aircraft, new photographs released by the F.B.I. recently visualize the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack in Washington D.C.

The agency released the set of images from the moments after the 9/11 terrorist attack at the Pentagon that had never been seen before by the public eye.

Parts of the hijacked plane, American Airlines flight No. 77 are shown scattered around on the floor inside of the Pentagon the morning of September 11, 2001.

The terrorist attack at the Pentagon killed 125 people, and 2,996 people died from the attacks in total that day as a result of the attacks. More than 6,000 people were also wounded on 9/11.

The photos were released on the F.B.I. Vault, a database of media from the agency over the years.

There hadn’t been many photos or videos of the attack previously, except for surveillance footage at the Pentagon slowed down frame-by-frame as the plane struck the building.

Here are the stunning photos of the aftermath of 9/11 at the Pentagon:

A Photo Shows a Gaping Hole On the Exterior of the Pentagon


Crews Worked Inside the Pentagon Following the Attack


Parts of American Airlines Flight 77 Are Shown Laying On the Ground Outside of the Building



The Damage Shown From the Inside of the Pentagon Looking Out a Blown-Out Window


The Inside of the Pentagon Is Shown Dark With Debris Covering the Floor


Emergency Crews Attempt to Extinguish the Flames


F.B.I. Investigators & Emergency Response Crews Work to Clean Up & Investigate the Damage



Aerial Views Of the Pentagon Show the Extent of the Damage



The Wreckage at the Pentagon Covered a Large Area of the Building


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a few pieces supposedly from that flight? How convenient. Where are the engines, wings, and such?


Well said. If you look on line you’ll find pictures of them fighting the fire before the roof collapsed. No marks on the building where the wings, engines or tail would have hit.


And yet, still just 5 frames released from tons of surveillance cameras on the Pentagon itself… 5

up yours

No plane hit the Pentagon !
((( It was a missile )))
I took a picture of a airplane like the one they said hit the Pentagon ; and

I showed a bunch of children ,if you can find a piece of this airplane in front of the Pentagon, I’ll give you $100 .

Nobody got the hundred bucks .

Something about the World Trade Center there was an ( L ) bracket that was designed to hold the Trade Center in place. the ( L ) bracket went floor to floor .
The ( L ) bracket what’s faulty !!
And because of the wind swaying the building back and forth .
It was just a matter of time before the building fell .
Now the insurance company ensuring the building and all of its faults ,would have had to pay when the building collapse !
It then it would have been discovered of the faulty ( L ) bracket …. But !
If a terrorist plane hit the building, the insurance company was off the hook !
Now Bin Laden , and his cast of characters, we’ll just say they were patsies.
Just like Oswell was in the cover-up of the assassination of John F Kennedy…

Mr. Black

The root of origin for conspiracy nutjobs ;like you is a desire to present one’s self as having a higher than average intelligence that enables you to see and understand things the average person cannot. It is a cheap, easy way to feel better about yourself.

But all of you fail and fail miserably. Instead you prove the opposite: You cannot comprehend basic facts that even the average person can.

Are you some underachiever who dreamed of a grand future only to find yourself doing an entry level job? Or maybe you received training for a better job but have failed to excel? Find another way to prove your worth instead of sitting around on your backside spewing cartoon logic and outright lies.

You can do it!

up yours

Yes !
I know !
How much research you’ve done ,by your insulting comments, but you probably work for CNN or the Democratic Party ,I really don’t care ! Your words mean nothing to me ! Oh wait a minute, I’m melting, melting !
The (L brackets ) are documented fact.
Go find out who pulled the Blueprints on the World Trade Center. But the real clue is the building next door, that wasn’t hit by a plane ?

It just blew up and fell to the ground.

And then they signed the Patriot Act !!!

Robbing Americans of more freedoms . But ! mr. Black
You probably believe in the tooth fairy .

But I don’t care what you believe you may think pedofiles should go to the bathroom with little boys and little
girls !
The Muslim Brotherhood has vowed to destroy this country from within and you mr. Black or within the country.

So up yours ( Mr. Black ! ) .


up yours – Your L-bracket Insurance Conspiracy Theory ignores “Operation Infinite Reach” of 1998, in which cruise missiles were sent into Afghanistan by Clinton during the Lewinsky scandal, 1999, which was an act of war that targetted Osama bin Laden, but the missiles missed, and were said to have killed 19 Taliban students – the same number of 9/11 hijackers, an act of retribution against the USA.

Your conspiracy also ignores the quotation by the Taliban envoy, Sayed Rahmatullah Hashemi, who said to a classroom of students in the USA, May 2001, “How would you like it if we sent missiles into your country and blew up your buildings?”


Lewinsky scandal – 1998, not 1999 – they thought that the cruise missile attacks were an attempt to counter the Starr Report on the sexual affair, because they paralleled a politically-themed movie that was playing in the theaters of that time, called Wag the Dog.


WOW , if you understood basic building construction physics you would know about deceleration of collapse. You need to do a little research, then you could understand that high rise buildings could only collapsed in free fall like the twin towers and building #7 did. You can only get a building to free fall by eliminating the resistance below it. THAT’S CALLED CONTROLLED DEMOLITION!


It’s not content free. In a paper I found by googling…debunking nanothermite use on 9/11, it was given as evidence by engineers and building experts..


The origin??? It happened while I was at work and when I came home and saw it in TV. I only had one thought, :”That’s a controlled demolition”. The next day on TV a journalist was interviewing a crowd on the sidewalk. When he said passenger plane, a woman on camera in the middle of the crowd shouted, “It wasn’t a passenger plane. It had no windows.” Then a guy off camera yelled, “It was black, a military 757.” The next day the firemen were complaining that they were removing the steel beams. As they said, “They are removing evidence.” Evidence of what? Of nutjobs? Thermate melts the beam ends and leaves chemical traces when used. The explosions the first responders heard, then the rush of hot gases from the collapse, gases that stripped the paint from cars on the street and blew out the windows from the heat, gases that firemen knew had hot metallic particles in it because some were burned by them, then the quick removal of evidence…..the firemen knew. This was no ordinary collapse. Oh, independent labs have on numerous occasions found the evidence for nanothermite in the dust. Now, I’d like to do a psychological profile of people that refuse to look at the unpleasant but this post is too long.


You are a sad, strange little man, and you have my pity.


Unlike you, I can look at a pile of manure and see shit. At this point in time there is so much scientific evidence that you become a profile in psychotic denial.

56 counts of evidence

Up Yours, You probably are going to inform me that attorney Mr.Ted Olsen’s wife and the other souls on board that jet just vanished into thin air and O.J. will find them when he gets out of prison. I am wondering if you were the person that started the moon landing conspiracy back in the day. Did Mr. Buzz Aldrin and you meet at some convention that time. A jet is a missile Up Yours. That is how our enemy attacked us. You took a picture, you showed a bunch of children. You have $100.00. You know who the patsies are. You are insurance savvy Buildings are designed and engineered to move, and you are now going to inform us it was just a matter of time. Odd. Check out the Millennial Tower in San Francisco Up Yours It is sinking and cracking up. I can conclude the missile will strike it next Up Yours so the insurance co. won’t have to pay? Thank you for informing me. LOL.


PNAC wanted and called for a new Pearl Harbor in 2000. GW wanted Sadaam. The WTC needed a billion in asbestos removal. The Pentagon admitted that 30% of its spending was unaccounted for then got a 80 billion raise and no investigation because all the records were in building 7. The evidence of nanothermite use is beyond a reasonable doubt if you get off your ivory tower and just look, its called google. Youtube has excellent hour long presentations right next to the tin hats that talk about holograms instead of planes. Presentations by people that looked at the evidence and couldn’t let go. Got a question for you. If the central tower was weakened by fire and failed, where are all the warped beams? Why does every beam I see cut have the nice neat diagonal slice used in controlled demolition? And why did the firemen complain that they were removing evidence when they were loading all those identical 30 foot sections onto the trucks?

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