Everything Donald Trump Promised to Do Within His First 100 Days

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Donald Trump speaks during a press conference on April 5th, 2017. (Getty)

President Donald Trump is nearing his 100th day in office.

This Saturday, April 29th will mark Trump’s 100th day as U.S. president. These first 100 days of a presidency have been examined going back to President Franklin Roosevelt.

On Twitter, Trump recently said that he has accomplished a lot during his first 100 days but that he will still be criticized by the media. He also said that the 100 days standard is “ridiculous.”

During the campaign, though, Trump held himself to that standard, releasing what he called a “Contract with the American Voter.” In it, Trump outlined exactly what he would do within his first 100 days.

So what were those promises that Trump made about the first 100 days, and how many of them have come to fruition? Here’s what Trump said he would do during these first three months of his presidency.

1. Propose a Constitutional Amendment Imposing Term Limits on Members of Congress

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President Donald Trump walks to a waiting Marine One helicopter while departing the White House on March 15, 2017. (Getty)

The very first promise that Trump makes in his Contract with the American Voter was to propose a constitutional amendment setting term limits on members of Congress.

Outside of the contract itself, Trump made this pledge repeatedly all throughout the campaign.

“If I’m elected president, I will push for a constitutional amendment to impose term limits on all members of Congress,” Trump said during a campaign rally. “Right? They’ve been talking about that for years.”

So far, President Trump has proposed no such constitutional amendment. However, eight Republicans in Congress have done so, including Ted Cruz. But Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is dismissive of the idea, and so there is unlikely to be a vote on any of these proposals. 

2. Implement a Hiring Freeze on All Federal Employees

Donald Trump delivers his first address to a joint session of Congress from the floor of the House of Representatives in Washington, DC, USA, 28 February 2017. (Getty)

The next promise Trump made was to implement a hiring freeze on all federal employees.

In his Contract with the American Voter, Trump said that doing so would “reduce the federal workforce through attrition (excepting military, public safety, and public health).”

President Trump fulfilled this promise within his first week in office, on January 23rd signing an executive order putting this hiring freeze in place.

“By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, I hereby order a freeze on the hiring of Federal civilian employees to be applied across the board in the executive branch,” the order said.

3. Require That For Every New Regulation, Two Regulations Are Eliminated

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Donald Trump speaks during a rally at the AeroMod International hangar. (Getty)

Another promise Trump made was that he would ensure that for every new government regulation introduced, two existing regulations would be eliminated in order to offset the costs of the new one.

Trump introduced this as president, again through executive order.

“We want to make…life easier for small businesses,” Trump said upon signing the order. “There can’t be any discrimination.”

4. Impose a Five-Year Ban on White House & Congressional Officials Becoming Lobbyists

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Donald Trump stands during a joint press conference with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at the White House on February 10, 2017. (Getty)

Next up, President Trump promised to impose a five-year ban on White House and Congressional officials becoming lobbyists after they leave government service.

This was accomplished through executive order on January 28th.

Upon signing the order, Trump noted that he talked about doing so throughout the campaign and that “we’re now putting it into effect,” according to NBC News.

5. Impose a Lifetime Ban on White House Officials Lobbying on Behalf of Foreign Governments & Foreign Lobbyists Raising Money for American Elections

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President Donald Trump speaks during a meeting with county sheriffs in the Roosevelt Room of the White House in Washington, DC, February 7th, 2017. (Getty)

In addition to the ban on White House and Congressional officials becoming lobbyists, Trump also said he would impose a lifetime ban on White House officials lobbying on behalf of foreign governments.

This was accomplished in the same executive order that instituted the five-year lobbying ban for White House and Congressional officials. It was signed on January 28th.

Under the order, every executive brand official must agree, “I will not, at any time after the termination of my employment in the United States Government, engage in any activity on behalf of any foreign government or foreign political party which, were it undertaken on January 20, 2017, would require me to register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938, as amended.”

6. Begin Renegotiating NAFTA

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President Donald Trump speaks before Rex Tillerson is sworn in as secretary of state in the Oval Office of the White House on February 1st, 2017. (Getty)

Trump also said in his contract that he would “announce my intention to renegotiate NAFTA or withdraw from the deal under Article 2205.”

Technically, Trump kept this promise, as he said when he became president that he would begin renegotiating NAFTA.

“President Trump is committed to renegotiating NAFTA,” the White House said in a statement. “If our partners refuse a renegotiation that gives American workers a fair deal, then the President will give notice of the United States’ intent to withdraw from NAFTA.”

This past week, President Trump said that he will not immediately withdraw from NAFTA, but that he will instead attempt to renegotiate first.

7. Announce America’s Withdrawal From the Trans-Pacific Partnership

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Donald Trump meets with small business owners in the White House. (Getty)

Speaking of trade deals, Trump also promised that within his first 100 days, he would withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

President Trump did so within his first week in office, signing an executive order that formally abandoned the trade deal, although the TPP had not yet been approved by Congress.

“…I hereby direct you to withdraw the United States as a signatory to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), to permanently withdraw the United States from TPP negotiations, and to begin pursuing, wherever possible, bilateral trade negotiations to promote American industry, protect American workers, and raise American wages,” the executive order read.

8. Label China a Currency Manipulator

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President Donald Trump signs an executive order as Vice President Mike Pence looks on. (Getty)

Trump also promised in his first 100 days to instruct his treasury secretary to label China a currency manipulator.

This is a promise that Trump broke, as he recently told The Wall Street Journal that China is not a currency manipulator at all. He later suggested on Twitter that he won’t label them as such because he’s working with the country on North Korea.

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer later said that China has not been manipulating its currency since Trump became president.

9. Identify All Foreign Trading Abuses That Unfairly Impact American Workers & End Those Abuses

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Donald Trump at the Congress of Tomorrow Republican Member Retreat in Philadelphia on January 26. (Getty)

Still on the topic of trade, Trump also promised to identify trade abuses and end those abuses.

“I will direct the Secretary of Commerce and U.S. Trade Representative to identify all foreign trading abuses that unfairly impact American workers and direct them to use every tool under American and international law to end those abuses immediately,” Trump’s campaign pledge said.

Trump signed an executive order in late March with the goal of identifying and eliminating trade abuses.

10. Lift Restrictions on American Energy Reserves Including Shale, Oil, Natural Gas & Coal

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President Donald Trump speaks at a meeting with union leaders at the White House on January 23, 2017 in Washington, DC. (Getty)

Another one of Trump’s campaign promises was to lift restrictions on energy reserves.

“I will lift the restrictions on the production of $50 trillion dollars’ worth of job-producing American energy reserves, including shale, oil, natural gas and clean coal,” Trump said in his Contract with the American Voter.

The closest to this that Trump has accomplished was the signing of an executive order called the “Presidential Executive Order on Promoting Energy Independence and Economic Growth.”

This order directed government agencies to “review all existing regulations, orders, guidance documents, policies, and any other similar agency actions (collectively, agency actions) that potentially burden the development or use of domestically produced energy resources, with particular attention to oil, natural gas, coal, and nuclear energy resources.”

11. Allow the Keystone Pipeline to Move Forward

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President Donald Trump delivers opening remarks during a meeting with business leaders in the Roosevelt Room at the White House January 23, 2017 in Washington, DC.(Getty)

Trump during the campaign promised to “lift the Obama-Clinton roadblocks and allow vital energy infrastructure projects, like the Keystone Pipeline, to move forward.”

In March, the president officially approved the Keystone XL pipeline.

“It’s a great day for jobs and energy independence,” Trump said in the Oval Office at the time, according to CNN.

12. Cancel Payments to U.N. Climate Change Programs

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Donald Trump on the South Lawn of the White House on January 26, 2017. (Getty)

Trump also said that he would “cancel billions in payments to U.N. climate change programs and use the money to fi x America’s water and environmental infrastructure.”

This has not yet been put into effect, but it’s in the works, as Trump’s 2018 budget blueprint says that it “fulfills the President’s pledge to cease payments to the United Nations’ (UN) climate change programs by eliminating U.S. funding related to the Green Climate Fund and its two precursor Climate Investment Funds.”

However, this is just a blueprint, and the final budget has not yet been released.

13. Cancel All of President Obama’s ‘Unconstitutional Executive Actions’

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Donald Trump signs an executive order in the White House. (Getty)

Trump promised to cancel all of the executive actions put into place by Barack Obama that he deemed to be unconstitutional.

President Trump ended up revoking a few of President Obama’s executive orders, including ones on federal contracting. He also instructed the Labor Department to delay the implementation of an Obama order in which financial professionals advising clients on retirement must put their client’s interests first, according to Fox News.

Trump also recently revoked an Obama order that required companies that contract with the federal government to provide documentation proving that they are complying with labor and civil laws, according to NBC News.

14. Select a Replacement for Antonin Scalia

Judge Neil Gorsuh shakes hands with US President Donald Trump after he was nominated for the Supreme Court. (Getty)

In his Contract to the American Voter, Trump’s next promise was that he would “begin the process of selecting a replacement for Justice Scalia from one of the 20 judges on my list, who will uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution.”

This is one example of Trump actually exceeding his pledge. He only said that he would begin selecting a replacement, but he ended up selecting Neil Gorsuch and having him confirmed to the Supreme Court within the first 100 days.

On Twitter this week, Trump cited this as one of his biggest accomplishments.

15. Cancel Federal Funding to Sanctuary Cities

President Donald Trump in the Oval Office on February 3, 2017. (Getty)

Trump next promised he would cancel all federal funding to sanctuary cities. This is a term that refers to cities that do not fully cooperate with the federal government on national immigration laws.

This hasn’t fully happened yet, although Trump in January signed an order directing the Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security to withhold “federal funds, except as mandated by law” from sanctuary cities.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions also recently said that states and local jurisdictions pursuing Justice Department grants will have to show they are complying with federal laws in order to receive money. However, Sessions said that this wasn’t really a new change.

“This policy is entirely consistent with the Department of Justice’s Office of Justice Programs guidance that was issued just last summer under the previous administration,” Sessions said.

16. Begin Removing Undocumented Immigrants From the Country

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President Donald Trump signs three executive actions in the Oval Office on January 28, 2017. (Getty)

The last two promises on Trump’s list had to do with immigration: he promised to “begin removing the more than two million criminal illegal immigrants from the country and cancel visas to foreign countries that won’t take them back.”

In February, Trump directed the Department of Homeland Security to more aggressively pursue criminal illegal aliens for deportation.

On the second part of this promise, Trump in January signed an executive order directing the Department of Homeland Security to enforce sanctions against countries that will not allow people deported from America to return home.

“The Secretary of State shall, to the maximum extent permitted by law, ensure that diplomatic efforts and negotiations with foreign states include as a condition precedent the acceptance by those foreign states of their nationals who are subject to removal from the United States,” the order says.

Technically, it’s already law that new visas will not be issued to immigrants from countries that will not take deported nationals back, but this has generally not been enforced.

17. Suspend Immigration From Terror-Prone Regions

Donald Trump addresses a joint session of the U.S. Congress on February 28, 2017 in the House chamber of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, DC. (Getty)

Finally, Trump promised in his first 100 days to implement his proposed travel ban.

In his Contract with the American Voter, Trump said he would “suspend immigration from terror-prone regions where vetting cannot safely occur. All vetting of people coming into our country will be considered ‘extreme vetting.'”

Trump famously signed an executive order that meets this criteria back in January, but it was halted by the courts. Trump then signed a second, revised version of the order, and this was again halted by the courts, and so the travel ban is not in effect.

18. Pass 10 Specific Bills Into Law, Including an Obamacare Replacement

Donald Trump addresses the Conservative Political Action Conference on February 24, 2017. (Getty)

Everything listed above is something that Trump accomplished through executive action.

However, in his first 100 days, Trump also promised to work with Congress to pass 10 specific pieces of legislation into law. Those bills were:

  • Middle Class Tax Relief and Simplification Act
  • End the Offshoring Act
  • American Energy and Infrastructure Act
  • School Choice and Education Opportunity Act
  • Repeal and Replace Obamacare Act
  • Affordable Childcare and Eldercare Act
  • End Illegal Immigration Act
  • Restoring Community Safety Act
  • Restoring National Security Act
  • Clean Up Corruption in Washington Act

None of these bills have been signed into law within the first 100 days of Trump’s administration.

House Republicans did come close to signing an Obamacare replacement into law, the American Health Care Act. However, it was pulled when it became clear that Republicans did not have enough votes for it to pass. A new health care bill is reportedly on the way.




First 100 Days ……. April 29, 2017
• His vindictive actions
• Entertain his enemy Mit Romney with hope of chief of staff job then thumbing his nose at him.
• EPA blasts Trump Jr’s business in Georgia over environmental abuses, so he puts an EPA hater in charge of EPA.
• Obama made derogatory humor at Trump’s expense in 2011, so Trump starts the birther movement, runs for president and makes an insane plan to revoke most of the Obama regulations.
• Constant war with journalists and news reporters not allowing them to ask questions or even speak and black listing them.
• Ripping a whole country full of Chinese people because his Chinese partners sold his Bank of America Building without telling him.
• Mexico is much of the same ie Trump Ocean Resort scandal in Baja Mexico then becoming a vindictive Mexico hater and using his office to build a spite wall.
• Ohio Governor Kasich is made to go to “See the Principal” for disagreeing with him.
• Constant reference to Hillary that she is a Loser with a capital “L.”

• His war on Americans and Civil Liberty in general:
• No healthcare support for elderly, disabled, poor Americans;
• women’s rights to make decisions;
• Reproductive rights;
• Freedom of Speech;
• Wants to change Libel Laws;
• Challenges Freedom to Demonstrate;
• Freedom of the Press;
• Freedom of Religion;
• Freedom of Education;
• Support for Children like PBS and lunches;
• Meals on Wheels for the Elderly;
• Environmental Protection;
• Complete disregard for Climate Change,
• Loss of Wildlife and Park Systems,
• Renewable Energy
• Ignore LBTQ issues
• Disregard for our Native People and their customs.

• Promises to destroy the congressional careers of those who don’t support him
• Has vendetta against public figures,
• Rosie O’Donnell,
• Arnold Schwarzenegger,
• Alec Baldwin,
• Megyn Kelly,
• Katy Tur,
• Cast of “Hamilton”

• Gave away the rights to our public information to the highest bidder;
• Opponent of Net Neutrality;
• Supports alt-right, KKK groups, David Duke, Sam Clovis, Alex Jones, Nigel Farage etc;
• Support Russia;
• Supports WikiLeaks;
• Ignore the Constitution;
• Xenophobia;
• Reportedly a sexual deviant; sexual assault, rape investigations and urination acts,
• Loves Fox News including Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly,
• BFF Pedophile Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein;
• Scandalous sex lawsuits;
• Many Friends of Dubious Character including Known Mafia types;
• Trump’s Idolatry of Russian Oligarchs;
• Claims of Money Laundering;
• Trump University;
• Trump Tower as home of crime figures;
• Trump’s database on every American;
• Project Alamo;
• Fake Bombing of Syrian airstrip;
• Absurd fear of science like solar power and vaccines;
• Irresponsible statements like vaccinations cause autism;
• Gutting of Clean Power Plans;
• Dissing the Parents of a dead war hero,
• Dissing a disabled man;
• Encourages violence at rallies;
• Lying about Obama wiretapping him;
• lying about Susan Rice unmasking white house officials;
• Nunes/Trump/Ryan improvised scams about secret intelligence;
• Poor treatment of Angela Merkle;
• Trump advisors Paul Manafort, Carter Page, Walid Phares, Jared Kushner, Michael Flynn, Erik Prince, Jeff Sessions meeting with Russians;
• Betsy Devos, ErikPrince, Pam Bondi illegal pay to play schemes by Trump;
• No policy for either Syria or North Korea;
• No congressional involvement in war activities;
• No good plan for Obamacare replacement;
• Bogus readouts by irresponsible Press Secretary;
• Falsely takes credit for others work;
• Banned Planned Parenthood;
• Threatened to withhold Congress’s pay;
• Blatant disregard for the Constitution;
• Emoluments;
• Fake Armada Threats;
• Fascist Propaganda
• Flynn lies to FBI, promotes Pizzagate, Flynn Jr fired
• Multiple Firings and people that won’t serve under Trump
• Nepotism in Government
• Trump creates dissent among his own team and fails to develop his team
• Mixed messages on foreign policy and lack of policy;
• Neil Gorsuch is not perceived as worthy by his peers
• No Credible Legislation
• Insane Tweeting
• Failure to resolve the budget will lead to government shutdown on April 28
• Trump fails to lead the Republican Party
• Excessive vacations to Florida
• Melania Trump plagiarizes Michelle Obama speech
• No clear separation from his business
• Won’t reveal Taxes
• Still has 120 federal judicial spots to fill
• Defunded planned parenthood
• DACA deportation
• Gutted the congressional ethics committee
• Trump develops own private security force, in other words his own army
• Trump’s modeling agency traps and exploits women
• Kushner flaunts his disregard for security clearance protocol, submits blank forms
• Trump’s stock market is down compared to Obama’s at the same time
• Trump/Rosneft/Putin/Tillerson/Exxon scam to remove sanctions so Russia can drill oil
• Rats are jumping ship
• Trump threatens Korea with nuclear war

Need I say more?

up yours

President Trump has done more for this country in the last hundred days then the Muslim King Obama did in 8 years !
The Democrats support violent protesters in the streets !
The Democrats support pedophiles using the same bathroom as your children !
And the list goes on and on and on for the destruction for the Constitution.

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I really don’t give a shit where the money comes from ,in fact I may send Donald Trump some money myself to build the wall.

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up yours, you need a class on the U.S. Constitution . . . and get a tutor when you take it . . . if anyone is espousing anti-American rhetoric, it’s you. If anyone is looking for special privilege–it’s you, as you try to destroy the Constitution and ask to be exempted for its laws. You sound pretty Marxist to me . . . I’m sure you’d be happy in Russia.


Ah, up yours, could you please be so kind as to list all of Trump’s failings, (as Andrew and Anonymous @ 8;59 pm articulated above), all of Trump’s accomplishments his first 100 days in office, ‘cuz you sure didn’t list a single one in your 9:56 pm rambling post.

up yours

No !

There is no need in showing proof !

Iit’s not my fault, Planned Parenthood is wrapped up with all of these other freebies, being handed out !

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@ up yours . . .”FREEBIES . . . LMAO . . . it’s the failed, red states that are overwhelmingly depend on the federal government to survive . . .

First of all, abortion is legal in this country, despite what men continue to do to eliminate a woman’s control over her own body. But what exactly have YOU done to significantly decrease abortion? What laws have you suggested and supported that require deadbeat fathers to support and be present in their children lives? No, you and your ilk prefer to delude yourselves that you are “pro life,” when actually all you are is “pro birth.” That’s EASY. In reality, the fact is that none of you give a rat’s ass about a woman wanting-an-abortion’s baby life once it’s born. It’s easy to throw stones and trash young, poor, or uneducated women? It’s easy to throw stones when you can’t get pregnant. Instead, why don’t you provide an example of what a man is supposed to be? No, it’s too easy to point the finger at women. Matter of fact, why don’t you offer to adopt one of these children? No, that would require something other than mouthing off an ranting! Talk is cheap; especially YOUR kind.


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Where’s Donnie’s evidence that Obama wiretapped him??? HE made the charge? Why doesn’t he show us his proof?

Andrew Bjork

1) Republicans will campaign for term limits until election season. Then they will either raise the limits or abandon proposals.
2) As long as the hiring freeze does not affect public safety and public health, I guess it’s okay.
3) President Trump will keep doing this until businesses are free to harm consumers and employees. This promise should be scrapped.
4) That’s what I would do, except I would increase the ban from five years to at least seven so Senators cannot be as closely linked to lobbyists as they now are.
5) Again, that’s what I would do.
6) Until Donald, Ivanka, Donald Jr., Eric, et al. pull their companies from foreign country, this is hypocritical bullshit.
7) Until Donald, Ivanka, Donald Jr., Eric, et al. pull their companies from foreign country, this is hypocritical bullshit.
8) Until Donald, Ivanka, Donald Jr., Eric, et al. pull their companies from foreign country, this is hypocritical bullshit. Also, Donald completely ignores the fact that he ran his campaign on China supposedly being a “currency manipulator”.
9) Until Donald, Ivanka, Donald Jr., Eric, et al. pull their companies from foreign country, this is hypocritical bullshit.
10) Should government agencies review regulations? Yes, they should. Should regulations be cut? Not unless cost is made secondary to public safety when reviewing and cutting regulations.
11) What did protesters think was going to happen when Trump took office?
12) Flint, Michigan
13) This is just Trump being petty since it happens to be former President Obama.
14) I will give Trump credit for this one. I will laugh, though, when (and not if) Justice Gorsuch rules against Republicans. Late former Justice Scalia sometimes ruled as such.
15) I actually support this. Cities are not above states at all when it comes to immigration.
16) Again, I actually support this. Every president had done this. I would just make sure that immigration officials don’t abuse their powers.
17) None of the terror-prone countries that Trump has business ties in were in either executive order.
18) Republicans focus too much on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act which is supported by a majority of Americans. Republicans need to get their heads out of their asses if they are ever going to get any actual work done.


Man, up yours, if it isn’t the race card, then you ‘re playing some other crazy-ass bigoted theory. You must intake a steady diet of O’Reilly and Jones . . . of course, you’ll have to look elsewhere to indulge your paranoid fantasies now that O’Reilly is gone, and Jones, by his own admission, is merely doing “performance art.”

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