Ifeoma White-Thorpe: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Ifeoma White-Thorpe, a 17-year-old New Jersey teenager, has been accepted all eight Ivy League schools this year — Brown, Columbia, Dartmouth, Yale, Princeton, University of Pennsylvania, Cornell and Harvard.

Ifeoma won’t officially graduate from Morris Hills High School until June, and as of now she isn’t quite sure which school she’ll choose. The high school senior recently told ABC NY, “I got into Harvard early action so I figured I’ll just go there, so then I got into all the others and I was like, wait now I don’t know where I want to go.”

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1. She Was Accepted to All 8 Ivy League Schools, Plus Stanford

Ifeoma White-Thorpe addresses Morris MLK BreakfastHigh school student Ifeoma White-Thorpe talks about breaking stereotypes, at the Morris Interfaith Breakfast, MLK Day 2016, at the Hyatt Morristown. Video by Kevin Coughlin for MorristownGreen.com. Read more: bit.ly/1nu2C9z2016-01-18T18:02:07.000Z

White-Thorpe was accepted to all eight Ivy League schools– Brown, Columbia, Dartmouth, Yale, Princeton, University of Pennsylvania, Cornell, and Harvard. She was also granted admission to Stanford University.

Speaking about what it was like opening up the eighth Ivy League School’s acceptance letter, Ifeoma says, “I was shaking, I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, oh my gosh,’ like this might be eight out of eight and I clicked it and it said ‘Congratulations’ and I was like, ‘Oh my goodness…'”

2. She Hopes to Become a Cardiologist One Day

Though Ifeoma hasn’t yet decided what school she plans on attending, she hopes to study biology at university, and eventually wants to become a cardiologist.

The teen tells ABC, “I want to go into global health and study biology and so many of them have great research facilities, so I was like, I might as well just shoot my shot and apply.”

3. She Is the Student Government President at Morris High School in New Jersey

Ifeoma, 17, is the student government president at Morris Hills High School in Rockaway, New Jersey.

Yahoo reports her high school principal, Todd Toriello, as saying, “She understands the importance of giving back to her school service and currently serves the student body as the student government association president… As a senior, she’s challenged herself in rigorous course work. … In my relationship with her, she has always been a respectful individual and we are just so proud of her and her accomplishments.”

4. Ifeoma’s Mother Says She Isn’t Surprised by Her Daughter’s Accomplishments

One person who isn’t surprised by Ifeoma’s admission news? Her mother. Pat White-Thorpe tells Yahoo, “She has always been a hardworking girl. Last month, she was one of the 2017 Coca-Cola Scholars and that is one of 86,000 students in the United States. They choose 150 students and she was one of them.”

White-Thorpe continued, “As a little girl, she was a great writer. I remember when she was in kindergarten. She spoke on behalf on behalf of the kindergarten class and it blew our minds away.” Ifeoma’s writing skills certainly seemed to stick with her throughout her schooling– in 2010, when she was in the fifth grade, she won her school’s D.A.R.E. Essay Contest at Lakeview Elementary, along with five other students.

Ifeoma has acknowledged that her proclivity for poetry and writing may have helped her get into certain schools. She tells ABC, “I think my love for poetry and writing just really stood out.”

5. Only a Handful of Students in the Past Few Years Have Been Accepted to All Ivies

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The prestigious group of people who have been accepted into all Ivy League schools is, unsurprisingly, quite small.

In 2014, Kwasi Enin, a high schooler from New York, was accepted to all eight, eventually choosing Yale. He delivered the news at a news conference in his high school gym.

Harold Ekeh, who was born in Nigeria and moved to the US at the age of eight, also chose Yale after being accepted to all the Ivies. (Ekeh was also accepted into MIT and Johns Hopkins).

Last year, Augusta Uwamanzu-Nna and Kelly Hyles both chose Harvard after being accepted into the eight prestigious schools.

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