Sheriff David Clarke’s Most Controversial Statements

David Clarke Jr., sheriff of Milwaukee County. (Getty)

David Clarke Jr. is on the move from Milwaukee to Washington D.C.

The longtime Milwaukee County sheriff, who identifies as a Democrat but is a vocal supporter of President Donald Trump, accepted an appointment to be the assistant secretary in the United States Department of Homeland Security.

The outspoken sheriff, who was elected to four terms, will work within in the department’s Office of Partnership and Engagement, which was created shortly after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. He will work as a liaison with state, local and tribal law enforcement and governments, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.

Trump’s appointment of Clarke doesn’t require Senate confirmation, and he will leave office next month. He was next up for re-election in November 2018.

Clarke told 1130 WISN Radio’s Vicki McKenna on Wednesday that he’s “looking forward to joining that team.”

The 60-year-old was born and raised in Milwaukee and started a career in law enforcement in 1978 with the Milwaukee Police Department.

He was appointed sheriff by Wisconsin Governor Scott McCallum in 2002 and was elected to a full term later.

Clarke has been extremely active in politics in his recent years and has had many clashes with other government officials. He interviewed during Trump’s transition for a role in the administration, but wasn’t selected.

A History of Being Outspoken

One of his more controversial statements was on Twitter, when he announced that it’s “pitchforks and torches time” in reference to Trump saying that the election system is “rigged against him.” It appeared that Clarke was trying to incite violence if Hillary Clinton were elected president.

In February, Clarke, who’s been a frequent guest on cable news networks (mainly Fox News), posted a photo of him flexing with a picture of Trump on top of a tank with American flags behind him. The caption of the tweet criticized former First Lady Michelle Obama, saying that she “said she was never proud of her country” until her husband was elected.

Clarke has been extremely outspoken in the Black Lives Matter movement in recent years, often referring to it as a hate group or a terrorist movement. He did so while writing a column for Fox News titled, “It’s time to stand up to Black Lives Matter.”

In other interviews, Clarke has referred to the movement as Black “Lies” Matter instead of “lives.”

“The whole thing is built on a lie, the whole premise is built on a lie,” he said in a Fox News interview. “But it’s a conglomeration of misfits. You have Occupy movement, you have organized labor in on it now, you have criminals, you have black racialists, you have cop haters and anarchists have now formed together this faux movement, if you will.”

In 2015, Clarke said in a tweet that he forecasted the Black Lives Matter movement “joining forces with ISIS.”

In 2015 while appearing on Fox & Friends, Clarke said that police brutality and racism have ended.

First off, there is no police brutality in America. We ended that back in the ’60s. There’s a new Harvard study out that shows that there is no racism in the hearts of police officers. They go about their daily duty, if you will, to keep communities safe.


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Where were the controversial statements? All I read was truth.

Earl Turner

Sheriff Clarke is someone even a white nationalist can admire.

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