PHOTOS: Boston Doctors Lina Bolanos & Richard Field

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Doctors Lina Bolanos & Richard FIeld

Lina Bolanos and Richard Field, both doctors in the field of anesthesiology, were found murdered in Field's $1.9 million penthouse condo in Boston, Massachusetts, on May 4. A suspect has been arrested in the slaying of the doctors, and police say he engaged in a shootout with police when they arrived at the condo. Bampumim Teixeira is accused of committing the murders. Police say he engaged in a gun battle with police who arrived at the scene, Boston police say. Authorities then discovered the bodies of Linda Bolanos, 38, and Richard Field, 49, who were engaged anesthesiologists who had traveled the world together. Their throats were cut, according to local several media reports.According to Boston Police, "the suspect was struck by the officers and after a violent struggle, placed in custody and transported to an area hospital for treatment of non-life threatening injuries as a result of gunshot wounds." WCVB reported: "Sources tell WCVB the victims had their throats slashed." The scene was a particularly bloody and grisly one, and the police commissioner said in a news conference that arriving police were shaken by the entire incident. The Boston Globe revealed a series of bizarre details at the crime scene, although police have not yet confirmed them. The murderer tied up the doctors' hands, and then cut up the doctors' photos throughout the condo, the Globe reported. He also left "a message of retribution" on the wall, although it wasn't clear what it said, and there was blood on the condo's walls, according to the newspaper. The two victims frequently posted pictures of their travels and adventurous life together on Facebook. You can flip through some of those photos in this gallery. UPDATE: The DA on May 8 walked back police comments. The DA said that suspect Bampumim Teixeira did not fire a weapon at police and that there is no evidence he knew the victims, CBS Boston reports. (Facebook)

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