WATCH: BBC Producer Fergus Beeley Involved in Road Rage Incident

YouTube Fergus Beeley was captured on video threatening a group of people inside of a car during a road rage incident.

Shocking video footage has surfaced of BBC producer Fergus Beeley violently threatening a family during a road rage incident.

In the video, Beeley, who’s worked with David Attenborough in the past and has produced several BBC nature documentaries, leans into a parked car and threatens to perform a “citizen’s arrest” on the family. At one point, Beeley screams for the family to “get ready to die.”

“I do want you dead,” Beeley screams. “Put your hands on the car and get ready to die, this is a citizen’s arrest.”

Watch a video of the incident below:

Ex BBC Television Programmes Director Fergus Beeley Road Rage IncidentEx BBC programmes director abusive and threatening behaviour after motor vehicle incident. Claimed to be an off duty police officer. Full story can be found by clicking on my GOOGLE+ link.2017-07-23T16:52:26.000Z

Simon Gale, 33, was inside of the vehicle with his wife Louise, his 11-year-old son and mother-in-law when the family got into a minor accident with another car, The Daily Mirror reported.

Before Beeley arrived, Gale said that Louise exited the vehicle to exchange insurance details with the driver of the other vehicle. That’s when Beeley pulled up behind them and started the confrontation, Gale told the publication.

A bystander attempts to diffuse the situation at one point, and Beeley claims that he had been punched by Louise. The witness asks Beeley why he decided to intervene in the situation and he replies that he was “trying to stop a death on the motorway.”

“You didn’t see her on the motorway with dangerous driving,” Beeley screams at the witness.

Eventually, police showed up and helped calm the situation, but Gale said his son was traumatized.

“My son was so scared by it that he actually ended up sleeping in our room last night, he’s very shaken, ” Gale told The Mirror. “Luckily none of us are harmed in any way, but we’re still quite shaken by it. We’re definitely going to be a bit more cautious from now on.”

Beeley is best known for producing BBC documentaries such as Natural World, Nature, Planet Earth: The Future and The Life of Birds.

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