Summer Nicole Adamson: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Collier County Sheriffs Summer Adamson mugshot

A Florida woman is accused of chewing on a bag of methamphetamine that was just found and removed from her buttocks while being booked into jail by authorities.

Summer Nicole Adamson, 30, was arrested June 29 — hours after her birthday — on multiple drug-related charges in addition to smuggling the drugs into the jail and trying to consume them.

Adamson is being held on bond at the Collier County Jail in Naples and will have her first court date in about two weeks.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. She Was Originally Arrested on Suspicion of Damaging Someone’s Property

Summer Adamson

According to the criminal complaint, reported by NBC 2, deputies performed a traffic stop on Adamson, who’s from Bonita Springs, and pulled her vehicle over after someone called dispatch to complain that she had broken their vehicle’s window.

Officers found her inside of her car with a syringe and a bag of heroin sitting next to her. Once they located the drugs and paraphernalia, they placed her under arrest and transported her to the jail to be booked.

For those offenses, Adamson was charged with possession of a controlled substance (heroin) and possessing/using narcotic paraphernalia and is due in court July 24.

2. Adamson Allegedly Tried to ‘Chew’ on the Meth

Summer Adamson

But those drug offenses weren’t the only thing she was charged with.

While being searched prior to booking at the jail, Adamson allegedly retrieved a bag of methamphetamine that she was hiding in her butt, put it into her mouth and started chewing on it.

For that, the two previous drug charges turned into five, as she was slapped with additional offenses: possession of of a controlled substance (meth), tampering with or fabricating phycial evidence and smuggling contraband into a county detention facility.

Adamson is being held on $22,000 bond at the jail until her court date.

3. She’s Been to Jail for Other Offenses in Florida Before

Summer Adamson

This isn’t Adamson’s first time behind bars.

In Lee County in 2011, Adamson pleaded guilty to petit theft of the first degree (between $100-$300) and was ordered to pay a fine of just over $1,000 in addition to being placed on probation. She was arrested again — almost one year to the date as her first offense — in 2012 for the same charge in Collier County.

She was placed on $5,000 and was bonded out of jail just hours later. Then in July 2013, Adamson was arrested for grand theft (between $300-$5,000), larceny — committing theft and resisting the recovery of property, and battery for striking another person against their will. She was held on $12,000 bond that time and served less than a year in jail.

Adamson found herself behind bars once again in February 2014 when she was charged for her third time with petit theft. Because it was her third time being charged with theft, she was placed on a $5,000 bond and served a year in jail once again. After that, she was charged with one count of violating a jail rule on two or more occasions and was placed on $1,000 bond. For that violation, she was ordered to weekend jail time for two months so she would be able to keep a job.

Summer Adamson’s 2015 mugshot

Adamson wasn’t behind bars again in Collier County until June 25, 2017 when she was arrested and held in police custody for disorderly conduct. She paid the $1,000 bond, but then just two days later was arrested for her latest charges.

4. Adamson Was Recovering & Graduated from a Drug Treatment Program in 2016

FacebookSummer Adamson

One of the penalties that came with her 2013 arrest was that she attend a court-ordered drug treatment program. According to a post to her Facebook page, Adamson completed the Addiction Counseling Program on March 22, 2016. She posted a screenshot of an email she received from the program’s director congratulating her on finishing.

Confirmation that Adamson completed her drug treatment program.

The photo post was accompanied by a caption that read: “Finished school!! Ready for the next chapter,” along with “feeling proud,” utilizing the Facebook feature to tell your friends how you feel at any given time. Her friends chimed in with comments congratulating her on accomplishing the feat.

That came just one month after one of her Facebook friends sent her a direct message through Facebook asking her if she was using, adding “I need a point dude.” Adamson replied “Omg” and “Girl u need to stop,” signifying that she was clean.

A screenshot Adamson posted to Facebook.

That photo was alongside a photo caption that read: “Puttin you on BLAST. No i cant help you get high at 8am on Mon morning. Im sorry Im busy being a responsible mother to my son. #sorryimnotsorry”

In the comments on the photo she replied to a friend saying: “I aint out here grindin my ass off to let these junkies take my crown.”

Another comment further down shows that she was motivated to stay clean.

U know whats not cool? She doesnt have any respect for me. Ya u right its her life. If thats what she wants…fine. But dont drag me into it. Ive worked way to hard to get where i am. She needs to be put out there so someone else dont get tangled up into that s***.

5. She Was Employed as a Maid

Summer Adamson

As Adamson said on Facebook, she has a son and didn’t shy away from posting photos of herself with him on her Facebook alongside the boys father.

Her “About Me” section of her Facebook also says that she is from Chicago, Illinois and was “self-employed” in addition to working as a maid.

Adamson was employed at Queen of Clean Naples, LLC. a cleaning company located in Naples.

In a video posted to her Facebook page May 8, 2014, about two months after a petit theft arrest, Adamson and three of her friends are in a car driving around. She’s in the backseat with a friend screaming at the drivers’ actions. It appears the group is driving fast through rainfall as Adamson says the driver is driving erratically.

Watch the Facebook video below:

Other videos and photos include an abundance of her spending time with her son and his father.

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