Tesla Model 3 Range: What Are the Battery Options?

Tesla Model 3 Recap

Tesla Tesla Model 3 Recap

Today at 9 p.m. Pacific (11 p.m. Eastern), Elon Musk showcased the final reveal of the Tesla Model 3. Fans and customers were wondering just what the Model 3’s range was going to be. Prior to today, we were told it would be about 215 miles. But now we know for certain. And it’s more than we had guessed.

Here’s what we learned from the Model 3 reveal event on July 28 about battery range options.

There will be two batteries range options for the Model 3: A standard and a long range option. The standard will have a 220 mile range and will cost $35,000.

The long-range version will have a 310 mile range and will cost $44,000.

In addition, Tesla Motors is ramping up production of superchargers, which will speed up the time it takes to charge a Tesla Model 3, Musk explained during the event. By this time next year, he said, there will be three times as many superchargers as there are today. This means you’ll be able to find one in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia — anywhere you want to go, practically, you’ll be able to “supercharge” your car.

TeslaScreen from July 28 event, showing the two types of Tesla Model 3s.

Prior to the event, Musk had said that the Model 3 would at least be able to have a range of 215 miles, at the minimum, and accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in six seconds. Tesla has been testing a 70 kWh battery pack that might increase that range to 300 miles. It looks like they were able to surpass their goal. Musk had said earlier that the Model 3 would not be able to handle a 100 kWh battery.

Learn more about the Model 3 below:

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