WATCH: Malia Obama Appears to Be ‘out of It,’ Escorted From Lollapalooza in Golf Cart

Malia Obama being escorted out of Lollapalooza in a golf cart.

A video obtained by TMZ shows appears to show the aftermath of Malia Obama‘s concert experience at Lollapalooza over the weekend in Chicago.

In the video, former president Barack Obama‘s eldest daughter is seen being transported by a golf cart out of the annual music festival with her friends as a crowd gathers around the cart.

The ordeal took place August 4, and witnesses told TMZ that 19-year-old Malia appeared to be “looking kinda dazed” in the front seat.

A large contingent of festival security is seen accompanying the group and shooing away festival-goers that’re trying to get a closer look.

Watch the video of her being carted out below:

On Saturday, TMZ obtained footage of Malia dancing with friends backstage to The Killers’ performance. During the show, Malia danced and headbanged dramatically all the way to the ground.

According to the New York Post’s Page Six, Malia was rocking out so hard at the show that she lost her iPhone. A witness told the news outlet that she was seen along with Secret Service agents at the Apple Store in Chicago the next day trying to get a new device, although she ran into some trouble.

“Malia came into the Apple Store to get her iPhone replaced, but things didn’t go exactly (as planned),” the witness told Page Six. “The Apple Store couldn’t immediately help her because she didn’t have the Apple ID or the password for the missing phone, since the White House set it up.”

It wasn’t Malia’s first time at Lollapalooza in her home of Chicago, as she was spotted at the festival last year on stage dancing to Mac Miller’s performance.

In just a few weeks, Malia will be off to Harvard University for another year of college in the fall. She’s previously interned at the Weinstein Company in New York City and has traveled to Indonesia with her parents, Barack and Michelle.

While Malia was at Lollapalooza on Friday, the rest of her family was reportedly in Martha’s Vineyard celebrating Barack’s 56th birthday.




What a darling baby girl!… who NEEDS kisses all over her face! Watch her back!… FRIENDS! And somebody get that phone back!… before the one who found it, gets arrested!
Please!… no emails!… Jesus is Lord!


Now she has all of the qualifications her dad did to be president….

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