PHOTOS: Melania Trump on New Jersey Vacation

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Getty First Lady Melania Trump listens to her husband President Donald Trump speak at a meeting with administration officials on the opioid addiction crisis at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey, on August 8, 2017.

First Lady Melania Trump has finally made a public appearance during President Donald Trump’s 17-day working vacation in New Jersey. The “vacation” started on August 4. You can learn more about the trip and see photos in Heavy’s story here.

When Donald Trump first arrived in Bedminster, New Jersey, many photos showed him with Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner and their children, but there was no sign of Melania or Barron Trump. The First Lady and Barron did not accompany the President on his flight to their 17-day vacation. But she has been known to meet him later on other trips, so that wasn’t completely unheard of.

However, people were still wondering, “Where is Melania?” Would she be going on this vacation at all? It was announced that yes, she and Barron would be meeting Donald Trump later in Bedminster. But since then, we hadn’t seen any photos of them.

She finally made an appearance, when President Trump addressed the opioid crisis in America. She sat with her husband while he had a press briefing about the opioid crisis on August 8.

Here’s another photo of her from the press briefing, looking very serious:


And here she is as Trump spoke, talking about the opioid addiction crisis in the United States.


These are the only official photos shared of Melania so far since she joined President Trump for his working vacation. No photos of Barron have been officially shared yet.

We will update this story when more photos are available.

Read more about why the Trumps are in New Jersey in Heavy’s story below:

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