Barbuda Damage from Irma: Photos & Videos of the Devastation

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Getty Hurricane Irma from space.

Barbuda, a tiny island in the Eastern Caribbean with a population of about 1,700, was hit incredibly hard by the Category 5 Hurricane Irma. So far Barbuda has confirmed at least one death and 90 percent of structures destroyed.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne has said that Barbuda is practically uninhabitable now.

The devastation appears endless.

Another devastating photo.

Many will have to pull together to help the people of Barbuda.

Heartbreaking video of Barbuda:

This is what Barbuda looked like a month ago — an absolute paradise.

The island is tiny. This is the airport:

And now more photos of the island after the hurricane moved through.

Irma snapped the cell towers in Barbuda.

Here are more videos of the destruction, an interview with the Prime Minister, and interviews with some of the survivors:

Barbuda was hit directly by Hurricane Irma. It was right in the center of the eye.

We will update this story as more information is available.