Drain Wig on ‘Shark Tank’: A Look Into the Hair Catcher for Your Shower

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Drain Wig entered the Shark Tank with their hair catchers that prevent clogged showers. Made of a stainless steel chain and rubber whiskers, it catches the hair as it spins down the drain. Every few months, you can pull it out and dispose of it, eliminating the use of chemicals and the usual messy process of cleaning hair out of the drain.

We interviewed Jennifer Briggs, who runs the company with her husband, Gifford, and their five daughters- who all entered the Shark Tank together. The business was born from all their long hair getting caught in their shower drain, which became a laboratory during the three-years of prototype testing. When asked what makes their product different from the others on the market, she said it’s the only one that traps hair, out of sight.

To date, they have sold just over 3,000,000 in places like Bed Bath and Beyond, Walmart, The Container Store, Ace Hardware and Dollar General. Their plans for the future, include partnerships with Home Depot and Target.

Here’s what else she told us about…

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How the Idea Came About

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We are proud parents of five daughters, each have long hair and are professional drain cloggers. Well, we are self identified weirdos and floss our teeth in the shower…Unbeknownst to us, two ends of a piece of dental floss went down different holes in our drain cover and started catching hair in the p-trap under the shower drain. One day we were showering and looked down to see a large brown hairy something dangling in our drain…Gifford got out of the shower, grabbed a towel, got his tools from the garage, removed the drain cover and pulled out a long piece of dental floss and attached to it was a massive, disgusting, smelly, slimy wad of hair. We couldn’t believe it so we put dental floss down the drain again! To our amazement the floss caught hair again. This was an inexpensive solution to our problem so we continued doing it. As we experimented, we found that when hair went down the drain, it would float on top of the water, spin like a washing machine and get tangled in the floss. The light bulb went on one night, and we knew that we had to come up with something better.

Advice on the ‘Tank’ Experience- ‘It Is As Unpredictable As We Ever Imagined’

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Shark Tank has been an amazing experience for our family. It has forced us to sharpen our business plan and understand our product better than ever. Always be yourself, genuine and impeccably honest about your business. You never know what the Shark Tank producers are looking for, so to be anything but an honest version of yourself is not only disingenuous but will ultimately hurt your chances. All you can do is your best and be proud of your accomplishments then let the chips fall where they may. It is our experience that Shark Tank is as unpredictable as we ever imagined it would be. We won’t give it away but we could have never predicted the final outcome! In the end, we have always felt that Shark Tank genuinely wanted to help us to be as successful as possible regardless of the final outcome of the show.

Their 5 Daughters’ Involvement in the Business

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Our daughters have learned the inventing process, attended many trade shows, learned to assemble prototypes, package and ship an unbelievable amount of product without getting paid, and to demonstrate how the Drain Wig works in front of reporters and television cameras. All of these experiences have given them a front row seat to entrepreneurship and the many sacrifices that come with it. They have also endured many days without mom when I was one of many trade shows or selling on QVC. This experience has given them a knowledge and perspective on business and life that they would have never experienced otherwise. They have also had to learn to be best friends and to rely on each other. Any time you juggle children and work it can get very challenging but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Plans for the Future

We have also produced a new commercial version of the Drain Wig designed exclusively for the bathtubs of apartments and hotels and hair salon wash sinks that we will be unveiled on Shark Tank. The commercial Drain Wig is designed to fit under the bathtub drain cap, out of site. It prevents drain clogs while its occupants are unaware that it is even there. The Drain Wig can then be easily removed by housekeeping or maintenance personnel when the water starts draining slowly or during routine maintenance. We also have additional patents pending for new future product extensions. We cannot wait to bring them to market as well.

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