Ice Shaker on ‘Shark Tank’: A Look Inside the Insulated Bottle Perfect for Protein Shakes

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Ice shaker™ Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Shaker Ice Shaker™ Stainless Steel Sweat proof Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle and Protein Shaker holds ice for 30+ hours and does not absorb! Say good bye to smelly and sweaty shaker bottles!2016-12-09T21:33:14.000Z

Ice Shaker entered the Shark Tank with its stainless steel shaker that holds ice for 30 hours. It makes mixing protein shakes easy, does not absorb odor like plastic alternatives and is sweat proof.

We interviewed founder and former NFL player Chris Gronkowski, who said he went through 20 prototypes to ensure the he created the perfect bottle. Since launching nine months ago, he’s sold 8,000 units.

As for the future, he hopes to partner with retailers like Dick’s Sporting Goods and Academy Sports. In the works is also a line of different color and sized bottles that will debut at Christmastime.

Here’s what else he told us about…

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How the Idea Came About

Ice Shaker vs Blender Ice Shaker stainless steel bottle vs Blender Bottles Stainless steel bottle2017-10-02T03:28:45.000Z

I was at the gym during a hot Texas summer. By the time I got to the gym, condensation from my plastic shaker bottle had dripped all over my cars cup holders, my hands and my clothes. In the middle of my pump session, I grabbed my bottle and took a sip of water that was warm and had a lingering taste from yesterdays protein shake. I went home that night to look for an insulated shaker bottle. After looking everywhere, I realized there was nothing like that on the market and saw an opportunity to make the best shaker bottle possible.  

How Being in the NFL Helps Him Run the Business

Growing up playing football teaches you a few things that really help in life and business. The first thing I learned by playing football was hard work. Playing football is a grind and every day you are challenging your body and mind to get better. Another huge trait that I learned was how to manage my time. In college, I had to be a full-time student and a full-time football player. I had to learn quick how to manage my time to be able to study for both football and school and excel in both. This is a huge for managing a business as time is your most valuable asset. 

Confidence in the ‘Tank’

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One more day! Ice Shaker takes over ABC’s Shark Tank!

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I was not nervous in the Tank. I was so over prepared that I was very confident. I also had been watching Shark Tank for years and by the time I got into the Tank I felt like I was talking with friends. I also had my brothers with me so that always helps as well.


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