JFK Files: President Johnson Said JFK’s Assassination Was Justice

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Thousands of JFK files have been released today and it’s going to take a long time to comb through them all. But one interesting file has already made its way to the surface. This was a deposition of Richard McGarrah Helms on April 23, 1975. Helms was Director of Central Intelligence from June 1966 to February 1973. This deposition was taken just two years after he was Director. Prior to today, this part of the deposition had been held back in full. The deposition was done by the Counsel for the Commission on CIA Activities.

During his deposition, Helms said that early in his presidency, President Lyndon B. Johnson believed that John F. Kennedy was assassinated as justice for his alleged role in the death of the President of Vietnam.

Specifically, Helms said:

You know, to this day I am not persuaded that President Nixon doesn’t still believe that the Agency didn’t have something to do with the demise of President Diem of Vietnam and there absolutely no evidence of this in the Agency records and the whole thing has been, I mean, rather — what is the word I want — heated by the fact that President Johnson used to go around saying that the reason President Kennedy was assassinated was that he had assassinated President Diem and this was just justice. He certainly used to say that in the early days of Presidency and where he got this idea from I don’t know. I don’t know how many of you had the privilege of trying to argue with Presidents about things like that but you tend to be a loser.”

You can download and read the PDF with the quote yourself here.

Helms later went on to say that under McCone, he had believed that Congress had set up oversight committees to be the only committees where secret covert actions and secret intelligence operations were going to be unveiled.

“When I testified before other committees, I tried to avoid lying or being guilty of any illegality, but I also tried in some cases to duck these questions so that I wouldn’t be in the position of having to come forward in a different context with a different committee on matters which I thought were the proper business of the oversight committee.”

Interestingly, this formerly withheld deposition was categorized under the subject: “Conspiracy Theories, CIA Involvement.” As late as 1993, the federal government had decided to continue withholding this deposition from a longer deposition that was available.

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1 Comment


Of course , Lyndon B Johnson would say something like that !
After all he was part of the assassination.
LBJ was a commander in the Navy.
And Kennedy was only a lieutenant that must have really been thorn in his side ,having to take orders from a lieutenant !
LBJ also told the Italians if he was President he would lift the band on Italians coming into the u.s. and ; that’s why they say, the mafia helped kill Kennedy.
But it was much bigger than just killing the president.
The powers were after the United States.
LBJ wanted the Vietnam War .
He knew he would have to kill as many Christian men as he could. He knew he was killing off Generations of Christian American men and the idea on how America should be.
John F Kennedy was one of the first Naval presidents America had before that just about every president of the United States was in the army , So that being said ! When the Navy took the presidency of the United States it went to shit.
Obama ,Clinton and Trump never served in the armed forces.
Donald Trump has recognition from a military school.
The reason why president Trump was saying Cruz’s father was part of the assassination of JFK ,was this!
He was identified as the shooter that killing officer Tibbets.
The witnesses were shown a photo and in that photo was Lee Harvey Oswald and a man they called mr. X Mister.
X was identified as the shooter that killed officer Tibbetts and yes mr. X had a last name Cruz.