Trippie on ‘Shark Tank’: A Look Inside the App That Helps You Nagivate the Airport

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Trippie entered the Shark Tank with an app that allows users to navigate through the airport.

We interviewed Colgate University’s former Division 1 basketball player Ryan Diew who participated in a thought incubator at the university. That program ultimately led him to pitch the idea in a Shark Tank-like event at Colgate, earning him first place and $5,000 which allowed him to purchase a laptop to work on developing the app.

As for the future of Trippie, Diew envisions it as being the go-to app for airport travelers. As of now, it is available in 15 airports, which account for 83.2 percent of the country’s air traffic. By 2018, they hope to add all 26 major hub airports.

Here’s what else he told us about…

How the Idea Came About

While traveling back home to Oakland from Colgate, I had a layover in Washington, DC. I was so hungry and wanted to get something to eat in the terminal, but I had no idea where anything was in the airport. I looked in the App Store to find an app that did this but couldn’t find any good ones. So I decided right then and there to just build an app myself that solved this problem that so many people deal with on a daily basis.

Creating the App

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I started dedicating a lot of my free time to learning how to code in Swift. What’s so cool about the internet nowadays is that if you want to learn how to do something, there’s so many resources and tutorials out there. Google and YouTube helped me a lot. 

How Being a College Basketball Player Helps Him in Business

Trippie App | Who Is Ryan Diew? Founder of Trippie, Basketball Superstar, College SeniorInterview I did of Ryan Diew, Founder of Trippie, D1 Basketball Star, and Colgate Student! Trippie: Trippie Insta: Trippie Facebook: Trippie Twitter:

My basketball experience has given me the ability to power through anything that the startup life has thrown my way. There is nothing in business that has been tougher than being a Division-I Athlete. The lessons I’ve learned and the lifestyle that I’ve lived as a basketball player have made a smooth transition for me to the business world. Leadership, good time management and grit are some examples of qualities I’ve gained through athletics.


Nerves in the ‘Tank’ & Advice to Future Contestants

I literally was choking out there. I definitely could have performed better but I’m so thankful for the experience…Believe in yourself and stay confident. No matter what happens out there it has no bearing on who you are as an entrepreneur. Use whatever advice they give you as fuel to push your business to the next level.

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