BrillantPad on ‘Shark Tank’: A Look into the Dog Potty

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BrilliantPad entered the Shark Tank with their self-cleaning indoor dog potties and puppy pads. They soak up the liquid and seal away waste with a plastic lining, which eliminates odors and mess.

We interviewed founder and CEO Alan Cook, who said they’ve sold 1,000 machines since August, after crowdfunding on Indiegogo. To create the first prototypes, they worked with 20 dogs, also partnering with Tony LaRussa’s Animal Rescue Foundation.

As for future plans, he is currently ramping for their launch into retail as well as producing an advanced model to which customers will be able to upgrade.

Here’s what else he told us about…

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How the Idea Came About

A chance encounter with a dirty litter box pulled me into the pet industry, and I invented the ScoopFree automatic self-cleaning litter box. That product was a great success and sold to major retailers in over 20 countries. Eventually we sold the company and a few years later I met a vet student through the University of Pennsylvania alumni network. He was tired of coming home to dirty puppy pads and showed me a puppy pad machine prototype. I shared my ScoopFree experience. Ultimately, we worked out a deal and formed a new company. Then the ScoopFree team redesigned the product and together we created BrilliantPad.

How it Works

Dogs go potty on BrilliantPad just like on a regular pad. The system handles #1 and #2 and wraps and seals waste for a clean, odor-free home. Three technologies ensure there is no smell. Absorbent polymer inside the pad soaks up liquids and starts to dry out solids. A plastic lining wraps and seals waste. The soiled roll is locked in a covered compartment. This makes BrilliantPad hands-free for weeks at a time. When it’s time to replace the roll, disposal is fast, easy and clean. A plastic backing provides a clean grasp surface so your hands stay clean, and biodegradable endcaps prevent leaks and odors.

How It’s Different From Other Systems on the Market

There is no other automatic, self-cleaning potty pad machine on the market. We believe BrilliantPad is better than other indoor potty concepts for several reasons. Soiled traditional pads are smelly and handled manually. Grass patches are heavy, must be replaced often and require a human to remove solid waste. Artificial turf systems must be washed and/or drained. Only BrilliantPad is hand-free for weeks at a time!

Heartwarming Customer Story From Hurricane Harvey

Texas was recently ravaged by a hurricane, and one of our early customers was thrilled to have BrilliantPad. She used to take her old pee pads to the trash everyday. With BrilliantPad she was able to stay inside and keep dry! Customers seem to love how well BrilliantPad is convenient, eliminates odor and gets rid of the mess.

Prepping for the ‘Tank’ & Nerves Once Inside

Preparing for the show was a lot of work! My business partners helped me prepare, review my pitch, demonstration and get ready for the Q&A. I would advise people that appear on the show to watch a lot of old episodes, read stories about other people that have appeared on the show and most importantly, have fun! Being in the Shark Tank was a once in a lifetime experience…Being on the Shark Tank set was completely surreal. I was a jumble of emotions. A voice inside my head said, “Just nail the pitch, nail that pitch!” I am usually comfortable presenting in front of large groups of people — but never before have I been in front of five Sharks with millions of people watching at home! The filming experience was instantly one of my life’s most memorable moments. 

Interested in Brilliant Pad? Buy it here.

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